7 Ways Cruelty-Free Products Help Save the Planet

With so many issues plaguing the world we live in today, it can sometimes feel almost impossible to do our part to help. And while that can be an overwhelming feeling, there is solace to be found in the fact there are simple ways to make a difference that can be practiced in our day-to-day lives.

One of those easy ways to do something good for the planet is to enjoy cruelty-free products. Whether you realize it or not, making a commitment to shopping cruelty-free can help the environment we live in in an abundance of ways. To convince you of this fact, we’ve listed the top seven ways using cruelty-free helps save the planet – even if it’s just one product at a time!

1 – Cruelty-free products use less chemicals

The chemicals that are commonly used in products tested on animals are harmful to not only those to apply them to their skin, but to the planet. Chemicals that are hard to even pronounce don’t necessarily belong on our faces and skin. Instead, opt for more natural ingredients that are a better all-around choice for humans and the planet.

2 – It makes it easier to go green

Companies committed to creating cruelty-free products are those utilizing natural and more sustainable ingredients and materials. From their physical products – such as makeup and skincare lines – to even their product packaging, they are using materials that are more “green” friendly, making them a better choice for the health of our planet.

3 – Cruelty-free saves animals

Animal testing is an issue around the world, and cruelty-free products are here to put a halt to this saddening problem. Although there is virtually no reason for animal testing, major companies like Maybelline and Avon continue to conduct these harsh tests, with animals like rabbits and mice being the most common victims. Their skin is exposed to harsh chemical products and their eyes withstand many-times painful drops, causing them bodily harm and physical pain.

Cruelty-free products, though, take advantage of the 40 tests that have been created to test products without involving any animal testing whatsoever. These companies also use the thousands of chemicals and ingredients that have already been determined to be safe, sticking to their mission to leave animals unharmed and in their natural habitat where they belong.

4 – Purchases help give back

Giving back to organizations that support solid causes and missions is a great way to do something that will leave a lasting impact on our planet. Many companies that make it their business to go cruelty-free have a vested interest in issues plaguing our planet, like animal species extinction and global warming. For that reason, they have partnerships with organizations and pledge to donate money with every purchase they receive to these noble and worthwhile causes.

5 – These products help spread the word

Companies that promote their cruelty-free products are passionate about what they do – and they’re not afraid to spread the world about the importance of buying these types of products. Spreading awareness of the risks associated with products that use animal testing is a great way to inspire the movement towards a cruelty-free world.

6 – It makes for better citizens of the world

In March of 2015, a survey found the factor of products being “not tested on animals” was the most important packaging claim for those who were surveyed, with over half of respondents (57 percent) citing it as “very” or “moderately” important. The emphasis on this as an important factor in shopping for makeup, skincare, and even cleaning products means cruelty-free shoppers are becoming better citizens of the world: ensuring consideration for the world’s animals and environment.

7 – It makes for happier people

What could be better for the world and its environment than filling it with those who are genuinely happy? Buying cruelty-free products makes people feel good, knowing they’re supporting the rights of animals as well as helping the planet in a myriad of ways, even with just one small purchase.

Do something good for the planet by making the switch to cruelty-free products if you haven’t already! Being aware of the sustainability and environmental commitments of the brands you frequent makes a big difference for our planet, so don’t delay educating yourself on this important topic. You have the power to make a difference, and once you do, you’re bound to feel great!

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