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How to Be More Eco-Friendly This Holiday Season

Just because we hear about something to the extent it becomes almost like a cliche, with its newness being lost, it doesn’t mean the truth in it is invalid. This is the case with eco-friendliness, a way too oft-quoted notion in all contexts. To really grasp being eco-friendly, especially during the holiday season, we have to understand how going green is simply a necessity of the times in which we live.

With a generally eco-conscious attitude to life, a holiday season would not require any additional measures for you to take. Below are some ideas to help you become more eco-friendly this holiday season. Many will be adopted automatically with a life-loving approach and desire to leave something for future generations to come.

Gift Without Guilt

The problem to solve is how to obtain gifts that are useful to the person who receives them, cause minimal harm to the environment, and bring joy to everyone? One solution is making this year’s holiday all about exchanging gifts with your loved ones without actually spending a dime.

See what you have laying around, in new or good shape, someone else could use. Then ask your family and/or guests to do the same. You could easily make this coming holiday not only the most eco-friendly, but also the most budget-friendly one. You can also make gift-giving into a game where everyone has to explain why they gave what they gave.

Greenness can always be made into a theme. This way, all guests stepping into your house will only have gifts that pass the ‘test of green’.

Shop Green and Shop Local

Take the kids with you when you do any holiday shopping. Assign them the task of picking ingredients and raw materials that, once again, pass the test of green. You can then use these materials to make gifts or prepare meals.

The best gift you can give your immediate family is your time. So, engage them in something everyone is happy doing together. Whether it is linen napkin folding, refurbishing furniture, or sewing holiday-themed grocery bags, creating zero-waste is easily doable.

The same goes for groceries and meals. Ditch prepackaged, ready-made food. Buy fresh seasonal produce from your local farmers market. It’s a simple way to feel good about yourself and the environment. Then, be on the lookout for locally manufactured items you can pick up in person. This way you won’t to have to worry about holiday delivery schedules and ups time in transit api.  


Prepare a Green Feast

By no means does a green feast imply you serve your guests lettuce and kale with a delicious spinach smoothie. You can go green and still serve a colorful assortment of festive dishes. You can have your turkey, root veggies with gravy, apple and pumpkin pies. These, as well as your spices, can all be bought organically and locally without contributing to harming the environment.

Whip out a cookbook with some traditional holiday recipes. This can make for a very fun time, especially when you cook and bake everything from scratch. It will be worth your efforts when you see the happy and satisfied faces of your loved ones. Remember, alcoholic beverages also frequently have organic and bio-friendly versions.

Additionally, consider visiting the smaller shops in your area to support your immediate local community. There is nothing like knowing, you aren’t only helping the planet but yourself and your family too.

Opting for a Green Holiday Season

Like many other things, opting for a somewhat greener lifestyle can be made fun and entertaining with your innovativeness unleashed in terms of gift preparation and food choices. There are numerous resources you can consult as to how to manage to go eco-friendly without adding unnecessary burden on your shoulder just before the holidays. When done right, there are numerous, eco-friendly ways to brighten your holiday mood and make the season green.

Check out these further ‘green’ resources and enjoy going with the flow, getting creative, and impressing your guests in this festive season by demonstrating to them greener does not mean grayer at all.

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