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Green Guide to Disposing of Gadgets Responsibly

How to Dispose of Old Gadgets without Harming Nature

Are you going to buy a new phone or laptop? What will happen to your old device? Here are a few green tips on how to get rid of outdated devices without causing any harm to the environment.

Nowadays technology seems to advance very fast, offering users the option to constantly update their gadgets. While it is important to keep pace with the times, we should also think about how to take care of the environment. Did you know gadgets disposed of improperly can pollute the air and soil with dangerous chemicals? Here are a few ideas on how you can dispose of your old devices without causing any harm to the planet.

computer and phones

Sell Your Old Gadget

In most cases, the outdated gadget still works and can serve someone else. Consider putting your old laptop or phone for sale online. A lot of people are willing to buy second-hand devices due to a lower price. Another option is to bring it to the electronics shop. They often accept old gadgets even if they do not work. Using the parts of old gadgets for repairs is a great answer to “what can we do to save the environment”.

Exchange It For a New Device

Many electronic companies also think about how to save the environment and so offer exchange programs. When you buy a newer model of a gadget, you may get a great discount for bringing in your old electronics. The exchange policies are especially popular when it comes to buying phones or tablets. Find out if a company has such an offer before saying goodbye to your outdated gadget.

Give the Outdated Gadget to Charity

If you wonder how to help the environment at home, consider giving the old electronics stored in your drawers or closets to charity. You can declutter your home this way, help the planet, and make someone happy. Even if old headphones, phones, radios, and computers seem like junk to you, they may be someone else’s dream. A lot of businesses and organizations have electronic donation programs which may help you to give new life to old devices.


Hire an E-Waste Recycler

If the question, “How does waste affect the environment?”, really bother you, you may get an answer from the experts. A certified e-waste recycler knows how to dispose of gadgets safely without causing significant harm to the environment. They are also aware of all the environmental laws and the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations. This disposal option is especially convenient for business and large organizations that have a lot of electronics to get rid of. E-waste recyclers also generally guarantee all confidential data will be destroyed without any fraud risks.

Find an E-Waste Recycling Program

As the need to drop off e-waste grows, some organizations have started recycling programs to help with proper disposal of electronics. Check the local government institutions, schools, and universities. They usually assign a day and place for the green-minded and nature-friendly citizens who want to get rid of their old gadgets and their parts.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to dispose of electronics properly. A green approach to recycling can prevent the garbage chemicals from polluting the air and water. Your old or unused devices can even become a gift for someone else. Hopefully, this will convince you to use one of the suggestions above when is comes time to dispose of your electronic gadgets.

Author bio: Johnathan Rainworth is a reporter from California. He is fond of modern-day technologies and eco-friendly gadgets. He enjoys writing articles regarding the issue and sharing them with various audiences.

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