green activities for St Patricks Day

A Few Green-Themed Activities for St. Patrick’s Day

Yearly holidays are fun landmarks that give us small breaks and excitement throughout the year. Most people will have a short celebration for holidays, but there are ways to mark the days and give yourself a proper break. However, some people see the celebration and a day of relaxation as an excuse to do whatever they want with no care for how it impacts the rest of the world. Sadly, many of the ways people choose to celebrate holidays include some no so green-themed activities using less than eco-friendly materials.

Fortunately, you can easily still mark the occasion and relax with something you enjoy without contributing to more ecological harm. Whether you decide to get your whole family involved in celebrating the day or just take time for yourself, you can still have fun, while being green.

St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner, and since the holiday’s theme is green, there is no better holiday to try going green for celebrations. Below are just a few ways to stay green while enjoying St. Patrick’s Day this year. 

Cooking With a Green Theme

One of the easiest ways to add some green theming to your day is to cook green meals. There are plenty of green foods to naturally add to your meals, but you can also go the extra mile and turn ordinary foods into fun colors. You can use natural ingredients you likely already have to make all-natural food dyes.

Start the day with green pancakes or green eggs and ham. A fun lunch activity could be making soda bread with green dyes to make it extra on theme. You can also turn drinks green with added liquids, powders, or you can add the same natural dyes you added to your food. 

Themed Solo Relaxation Time

There are no rules mandating you celebrate holidays a certain way, and if you want to stay in the spirit of the holiday while relaxing alone, there is nothing stopping you. For many people who are busy, stressed, and in need of some relaxation time, a long bath is a perfect place to go. You can stay on theme and grab a green bath bomb for a lucky and relaxing bath. Even if it’s cold outside, you can put your water heater to work and draw yourself a perfect, relaxing bath to take advantage of the holiday. 

Green, Themed, and Free Exercise

One of the greenest things you can do for St. Patrick’s Day is to take a hike or go on a walk with your family for some eco-friendly exercise. You can make it a competition by seeing who can find the most green objects in nature. You can even add an extra reward or title if someone collects green trash and properly disposes of the garbage along your walk. Taking a quick walk around your neighborhood is good for your health, fits the theme of St. Patrick’s Day, and helps you appreciate the planet we all share. 

Make a Home Garden

One of the greenest things to do on St. Patrick’s Day is to use your green thumb and plant some new life for you and the planet to enjoy in the future. Whether you plant a small herb pot to will fit on your kitchen counter or a total raised planter bed in your backyard, you are helping the planet by giving back to nature.

Be smart with what plants you grow, though, as not every plant is suited for every climate. If you want to use these plants in the future, you must research what will grow in your area and how to care for the plants long-term. However, if you do commit to taking care of your new plants, you can enjoy the freshest food while saving money and trips to the store. 

Everyone wants to celebrate holidays and enjoy a particular day, but those activities can be harmful to the planet we all share. If you want to continue celebrating holidays for years to come, consider making sure your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are more eco-friendly. Cook green food with natural food dyes, grab a green bath bomb for a relaxing bath, turn your walk into a green scavenger hunt, and plant a garden at home to celebrate the day while being eco-conscious. 

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