Baby steps for a greener environment in Utah

environmental study about highway pollution 

Image by Hamed Saber 

Environmental advocates are calling it a good step forward.  Per this article the Utah Department of Transportation finally unveiled their environmental study for the planned west-side highway connecting Lehi to Salt Lake City.   

Due to the proximity of the highway to local public schools, and as a result of objections from Utah Moms for Clean Air and other health advocacy groups, the state of Utah will be spending a reported $3.1 million dollars for air-filtering systems in schools located near the proposed highway.   

Note that the state is not moving the highway, they are not looking for more biofriendly solutions or even fuel additives to help lower harmful emissions from cars and buses that will travel the highway, but they are planning on spending over $4 million (above and beyond the cost to build the highway) to set up air-filtering systems for the schools nearby. 

Well, at least they are doing something to help ensure cleaner air for the children and families affected by the highway.  But, maybe as a next step, since their highway plans also include lanes for mass transit, they could look into safe fuel additives or bio-fuels for their mass transit system to even further protect those children and families. 

It’s just a suggestion, but anything that helps protect our environment and keep the air clean and healthy for our children is worth looking into. 

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