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Now that we’re almost half way through January, how are your eco-resolutions going? Are you on track or have you fallen off the wagon? Don’t worry because even if you’ve fallen short of your intended green New Year’s resolutions, there is plenty of time to get rolling. Here are a few articles I found this week that might help get you inspired to get rolling or keep rolling. So, onto the “Weekly Greens”:

1) Just Clean Up After Yourself: It is as simple as the title says. Instead of wondering what you are going to do to start helping the environment. Start doing something simple.

2) Food Trend Prediction for 2011: Now, those of you who have been reading my blog regularly are sure to be familiar with my friend, Mike, aka CanarsieBK. If you’re looking for some tips on growing your own foods, etc. you need to check out what Mike has to say. He’s not esoteric, he’s down-to-earth and has some great tips too.

3) Electric Car-Friendly Scenic Byway to be created in Washington State: Now, don’t get me wrong, I think this is pretty cool. But I really look forward to the days when this is more the norm than the exception. If electric cars are really going to be used in volume, then the infra-structure needs to be there to support them. Don’t you think? In the meantime, any way people can lower their vehicle emissions will help.

4) 3 reasons to reduce green house gases by carpooling: Speaking of lowering emissions, carpooling is a great and economical way to do just that.

5) Landfill to become solar power plant: Now this one is kind of inspirational in my opinion. It just goes to show that if people want to think of ways to be more eco- and environmentally-friendly, they can. Love it!

6) 12 Tips to end clutter: This last one is another one that you can start doing immediately. Some very simple tips, but a great way to get started on some “spring cleaning” before Spring even arrives.

If you have any other stories or articles you think would be great for the Weekly Greens, please email them to me at [email protected]. I look forward to reading them. Have a biofriendly weekend!

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