Tips to Make Your 2011 Green

Well, the year is coming to a close. 2010 will soon be behind us. But that means that a whole new year is ahead of us and we have plenty of time to work on “going green” in 2011. So this week, instead of covering the ‘Weekly Greens’, I decided that I’m going to end off the year by sharing a few simple green and eco-friendly tips or ideas to get you rolling into the new year.

Image by Michael Peligro

1) Keep track of what’s happening with climate change and environment changes around the world, as now Google Earth Engine Tracks Environmental Changes Worldwide.

2) Become an eco-parent and lead your kids by setting a green example yourself.

3) Time to go lean and green. Prepare yourself to reduce waste in 2011.

4) Consider ways to reduce your own home energy consumption. Passivhaus could reduce home energy consumption by 90%.

5) Looking for a few simple ways to make your 2011 green? Here is a 7-day list, taking you from Monday through Sunday with green actions you can incorporate into your life the whole year through.

6) I shared this one before, but I think it is worth sharing again: Whether or not you believe in global warming has no bearing here. Whether you want to live on a clean planet does. No more global warming, just global cleaning.

7) And this one is for those of you who are looking for something different, maybe looking for an alternative to the typical New Year’s resolutions.

Last but not least you can check out our Do’s and Don’ts of Biofriendly New Year’s Resolutions and 10 Environmental New Year’s Resolutions.

Image by Tambako the Jaguar

To you and yours, we wish you the best for a safe, happy and biofriendly New Year! May your 2011 be greener than your 2010 and all your eco-resolutions come to fruition. Happy New Year!


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