Biofriendlyblog’s Weekly Greens, Jan 21

Happy Friday! Another week filled with lots of interesting and informative green articles. Personally I know it can be hard to digest them all, so I wanted to snag a few that I found particularly interesting and a few that I just felt were worth sharing. Remember, it’s still January though, so there’s lots of potential for green advancements in 2011.

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Come walk with me through this week’s ‘Weekly Greens’:

1) Five Animals Teach Us Less Wasteful Dining Habits: It’s always a smart idea to practice healthy eating habits. Along with those healthy eating habits go eco-eating habits such as eating organic, not letting food go to waste, re-using leftovers, etc. Well, here are five animals we could learn from when it comes to practicing less-wasteful dining.

2) Why Most Of Our “Natural” Disasters Aren’t Natural At All: Sometimes the news seems to be loaded with all kinds of natural disasters. But interestingly enough, if you look at it, many of those aren’t really natural. When mankind steps in and makes changes in nature’s design, clears large areas of dense forest, etc. we open ourselves up to potential disasters.

3) How Global Warming Threatens Fresh Water Supplies: I thought this one was worth sharing as it’s something that people might want to think about/consider. The world is changing every day and the changes will obviously affect the inhabitants of Earth (us).

4) This is your chicken commercial. This is your chicken reality: Now this is one of those articles that breaks down the idea of “what you don’t know can’t hurt you”. It makes it very clear that we NEED to know. Watch the videos (not just the commercials) and you’ll see what I mean.

5) How and Why to Eat Bugs: The argument here is that bugs can provide much of the protein people need in their diets while having a much lower environmental footprint than livestock. While I think that’s great, I don’t think I’m going to be switching my diet anytime soon.

6) Charging Ahead with Electric Vehicles: Owners Need to Consider Insurance: While it is positive news that electric vehicles are expected to boom this year, there are factors which need to be considered before rushing out to buy an electric car. There’s the matter of infrastructure, battery charging and even insurance. Of course lowering emissions is always a good thing!

There’s my weekly greens for this week. Of course there were a lot of great articles and information that I didn’t get to include in here, so you can follow me on Twitter (biofriendlyblog) and I’ll try to keep sharing some of the green news I come across every week. Have a wonderful and biofriendly weekend!


  • David Leonhardt

    Thanks for including my post!

  • Stephanie

    Eating bugs? There is a lot I would do to live green, but I draw the line there! LOL

  • Sara Allan

    I just stumbled upon your blog and it looks great! I just started a new environmental blog ( Check it out if you like.

    Do you have any tips for the articles you choose? There’s just so much information out there!

    Thanks 🙂

  • Leah

    Another thing electric vehicle owners need to be aware of is how silent electric cars really are. They pose a real danger to the blind for example. Manufacturers are actually designing new sounds to ADD to the electric car because of this problem.

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