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Something a little lighter for the halfway mark in the week…  

Image courtesy of treehugger.comThis treehugger article shows the efforts being made to introduce a more biofriendly mode of transportation – the Ecocab.  This three-wheeled pedaling machine first came out in Toronto Canada at the beginning of May, but has already been frequenting the streets of Dublin, Berlin and Stockholm.  Advertising is the major breadwinner for the owners of these environmentally friendly cabs, for now anyway.

Currently in Stockholm, there are eight Ecocabs pedaling through the streets.  For each fifteen minutes of pedaling, it will cost you 40 Swedish crowns per passenger (about $6.50).  As fit as the drivers must surely be, they are backed up by a 12 volt self-charging battery to assist with the tougher inclines, and to run the electrics such as the indicators.  And although they have a top speed of 25 kilometers per hour, they usually only reach about half that, so hopefully they’re not road hogs.

So if you’re not in any tremendous hurry, these sound like a great way to go.  Sit back and enjoy the views of the city and maybe, if you’re paying attention, you might find some hidden city treasures that you may not have noticed before.

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  • Dave

    These bikes look like a lot of fun but would probably be comparatively slow compared to the normal fuel driven modes of transportation. All these green ideas though are small steps in decreasing out carbon footprints

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