Global Dimming

I’m not really sure what to make of this one, but anyway, here goes…

In this article, Australian scientist Professor Tim Flannery has proposed emergency measures be put in place as an urgent solution to global warming.  Flannery, Australia’s best-known expert on global warming believes that the issue of global warming is far more critical than he once thought three years ago.

“The current burden of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere is in fact more than sufficient to cause catastrophic climate change… Everything’s going in the wrong direction at the moment, timelines are getting shorter, the amount of pollution in the atmosphere is growing… It’s extremely urgent,” says Flannery.

The radical solution being suggested by Flannery is a process called “global dimming”.  Sulphur is pumped into the earth’s stratosphere, which would keep out the sun’s rays and slow global warming.  The effect of this process may change the colour of the sky – and possibly a whole lot more.  Admitting there are risks to this process, Flannery says, “The consequences of doing that are unknown.”

“It’s the last resort that we have, it’s the last barrier to a climate collapse… We need to be ready to start doing it in perhaps five years time if we fail to achieve what we’re trying to achieve.” Says Flannery.

There are a few more suggestions mentioned in the article – ones that won’t change the colour of anything… hopefully.  I… well… hmmm… what else can one say.  Whether or not you believe in the severity and urgency conveyed in the article, this is our planet and we should take of it.

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