JetBlue Goes Green

Air travel is a heavy contributor to the emissions being pumped into our environment.  So in this time of environmental consciousness, it’s great to see the setting of goals and achievements being made across the globe.

JetBlue believe ‘a cleaner, greener planet is good for us all’, and they are making changes to make sure they continue to reduce their carbon footprint.  Here are some of the things this airline has put in place to make sure their impact isn’t so ‘impacting’ on the environment:

  • Using one engine to taxi to and from runways

  • Connecting aircraft to ground power at the gate rather than using engines to power air-conditioning, etc. 

  • Deploying state-of-the-art technology to develop more efficient routes and reduce flying time 

  • Equipping aircraft with winglets to increase fuel efficiency 

  • Installing lighter aircraft seats and LED lighting 

  • Eliminating disposable headsets and encouraging customers to bring their own for the free in-flight entertainment available 

  • Saving paper by not offering an in-flight magazine

  • Recycling spent jet fuel and oil/fuel filters (1,500 gallons of fuel and oil and some 600 pounds of steel, each month) 

  • Reducing paper by eliminating paper tickets, ticket holders and large boarding documents and offering small, simple boarding passes. 

Later this year they will also open a biofriendly terminal at JFK airport.  Checkout their Jetting Green link for more information.  Other airlines have joined the green movement so it will be great to see what other initiatives and advances will be gracing our skies.

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