3 Bio-Friendly Inventions Designed to Save Lives

Every day people come up with new inventions. Some of them are for business, some are for pleasure and some, like the ones I’m about to share with you, were invented to save lives. But, there is one other thing that makes these potential life-saving inventions different…they were also designed to be bio-friendly.

More and more people are factoring in the environment when it comes to their inventions, as well they should. These inventions will show you that smart life-saving ideas can be had while taking into account their potential affect on the environment.

1) Liquid Granite: Liquid Granite, touted as the “Building Material of the Future“, is a relatively new alternative to standard concrete in building construction.

Currently the cement industry is responsible for about 5% of the world’s carbon emissions. Liquid Granite is a bio-friendly alternative as it is made using 30-70% recycled materials and thus has a much lower footprint than traditional concrete .

Some of its key features are that it is very versatile as a substance, so it is easier to build with and it is extremely fire-resistant (to temperatures in excess of 1100 degrees Celsius). Additionally, because of its extreme fire-resistance, it can be used in buildings where fire safety is key. It could be the life-saving difference in case of emergency.

Liquid Granite Ltd has already supplied liquid granite to the Olympic Village in London to be used in connection with the 2012 Olympics.

2) Embrace Infant Warmer: Millions of premature babies die every year due to lack of something most U.S. hospital consider standard equipment, an incubator. My daughter was born premature and was in an incubator for the first 4 days of her life, so I have personal experience with the usefulness of incubators.

But, incubators require electricity and can cost up to $20,000 each to purchase. In many places around the world, neither electricity nor access to hospitals or those kinds of funds are available to be able to provide the warmth a pre-mature baby requires. But does that mean nothing can be done? No.

This bio-friendly invention takes away the need for electricity and takes away the requirement of thousands of dollars, leaving in their place a simple, safe, reusable and life-saving invention. Broad release of this product is expected in 2010, with an estimated asking price of just $25.

3) LIFESAVER®: Every year millions of people die from water-related diseases. Over 84% of those deaths are children (0-14). Since less than 1% of the world’s fresh water is readily accessible for us to use, we need a clean water solution. One company has designed that solution – LIFESAVERsystems.

LIFESAVERsystems originally designed the LIFESAVER® Bottle as a much needed solution for individuals who had become victims of natural disasters. Through their distinct technology, the Lifesaver bottles allowed people to have immediate access to fresh, safe, drinkable water under almost any circumstances.

Since then, LIFESAVERsystems has designed the LIFESAVER® Hydrocarry UF (the world’s first ultra filtration hydration pack for soldiers to use), the LIFESAVER® bottle citi™ (the world’s first ultra filtration water bottle to be installed in a car) and the LIFESAVER® jerrycan (the 5-gallon container that can process up to 20,000 liters of water).

Most recently LIFESAVERsystems has been working with Operation Blessing in Haiti to distribute their family size jerrycans to villages that do not have access to clean water sources.

One jerrycan can filter enough clean water for a family of 4 for up to 5 years.  And 50 jerrycans is the equivalent of 1 million liters of bottled water (without the plastic bottles requiring recycling).

Needless to say, LIFESAVERsystems is in the business of life-saving, bio-friendly inventions. Do you have a favorite bio-friendly invention that was designed to save lives? Leave a comment and let me know what it is. We look forward to many more inventions and advancements like these.


  • Julie Urlaub

    Great Post! It is so inspiring to read these examples of how innovation is helping our planet and saving lives.

  • Stephanie

    Love reading about really important inventions that are having an immediate impact on the global community, as well as specific impacted regions. Talk about making a difference! Keep up the interesting, uplifting posts!

  • solargroupies

    Nice collection. The infant warmers are are real lifesaver and we shouldn’t take take them for granite! (haha, get it? But seriously, money savings will drive environmental and greenhouse gas savings.

  • ron

    Very friendly lifesavers! Great!…..cheers.

  • Philippine Real Estate Owner

    Not only are they bio – friendly, they are also the things that the worlds need right now. Example: That “lifesaver”.

  • Tara

    Thanks all for reading my blog and for your very nice comments. It’s amazing some the simple inventions that make such a difference in the world today!

    Nice one Glenn 😉

  • Orlando website design

    I love the infant warmer! Just goes to show you that sometimes the most brilliant ideas are relatively simple

  • MPhillips

    I’ve read into Liquid Granite before and it’s pretty amazing stuff. The other inventions listed are pretty great too. Wonderful post, keep up the good work!

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