Benefits of Greening Your eCommerce Business

Technology has advanced to the point where we no longer have to worry about getting things done and now have the optional luxury of caring about how we get things done. Coal and oil were the standard fuel for years because there was no other option. Still, now we can see the damage that has been done to our planet. We, as a society and as the human race, have advanced to a point where we can take care of our environment without sacrificing the everyday comforts we have come to expect in modern life.

However, just because more eco-friendly options exist does not mean everyone is making the change. Changing from the way we have been doing things for generations can be scary, and transitioning to a new or less familiar process is daunting for the bottom line, but it doesn’t have to be. Customers and consumers care more about protecting the planet than ever before, which means switching to a more eco-friendly operation method can win you more customers. There are more than enough compelling reasons businesses should utilize the green benefits of using eCommerce and other environmentally friendly practices. 

Good PR And Customer Loyalty

Going green is not always an easy task, but you will receive some easy benefits for merely making the change. While going green used to be met with a touch of laughter, it is now embraced as a prudent business move that customers much appreciate. Announcing that you are going green with recycled packaging, renewable energy, reducing pollution, biodegradable products, or leveraging eCommerce’s green side will bring in significant free PR. You can use this free PR in your direct response marketing, social media posts, and email blasts to further spread the word. If changing to eCommerce and other eco-friendly methods are not worth it for altruism, it will be worth it for the free PR, public goodwill, and customer loyalty. 

Customers care about the environment, with two-thirds of North American shoppers expressing their preference for eco-friendly brands. Customers now more than ever are willing to spend a little more, look a little longer, and stay with a brand that offers quality eco-friendly products. Between the free positive press, customer loyalty, and green benefits, it is hard to see why any company would resist eco-friendly ideas. 

Different Types Of Green

There is not only one way to go green. Switching from a brick and mortar store to an eCommerce storefront is a green move as your business will use less energy to keep the lights on for customers. Going digital can reduce your carbon footprint, but you can reduce it even further.

Some brands like TOMS have embraced recycled packaging which makes the brand even greener. TOMS shipping boxes and packing are made from 80% recycled materials, combined with the brand’s other ecological and humanitarian initiatives.

Your company could follow TOMS and go for eco-friendly packaging, or you could power your production plants with renewable energy, or buy your product materials from sustainability-focused sources, or you set up an online reselling center for your returned items, so nothing goes to waste.

Not every green solution makes sense for every business, but there is always a way your business could go green without significant sacrifices in quality or profits. 

Community Effort

Going green is an admirable goal every company should strive for, but not everyone is. Changing the commercial realm as a whole takes time and a community effort. The giants of industry will only change if everyone else does, and the market demands it. While one business going green with eCommerce or other methods is not enough to change the industry all at once, it is part of the larger movement to bring about significant change over time. We are all on this planet together, and it comes down to all of us doing our part to affect the whole. Making these green changes now as an individual company will help continue to pave the way for the rest to follow suit while you reap the benefits. 

Going green is not a new idea, but we are finding new ways for businesses to operate with sustainability in mind. Companies are using various green methods to continue operation while being kinder to the planet. Selling products online is greener than an in-person storefront, but there are even more ways eCommerce can be green. The best eco-friendly solution will be different for each company. Still, any business can enjoy the free PR, customer loyalty, peace of mind, lower operation costs, lower carbon footprint, and more by finding a green solution. 

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