Are cruise ships the next big industry to go green?

cruise ships going green 

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Cruise ships and the idea of going on a cruise have always appealed to me – even despite the thought of being out in the ocean with no sight of land, trees or green grass sometimes for days.

Then the appeal became even more predominant in the sixth grade when I met Edwina Troutt, one of the survivors of the Titantic, and she told us her story of survival.  It was something I will never forget.

Cruise ships just have always had that aura of glamour and excitement that you don’t really get in many other forms of travel.  That is until I read this article on Green Cruising.  I was amazed to see the amount of waste dumped into the ocean every day (over 168,000 gallons) and to find that per passenger, the carbon dioxide emissions from cruise ships are three times higher than from an airplane such as the Airbus 380.  That’s a lot of pollution being put into the environment.

There was one glimmer of hope for the future of cruises however and that was the information that cruise lines were starting to change their ways and go green.  They have apparently already cut their waste in half and come 2010, a new, more environmentally friendly cruise ship will be having its debut.

Then all they will need is a liquid combustion catalyst to help lower their harmful emissions and they could just become a completely green industry – thus bringing the glamour of cruising into the “green century”.

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