Brockovich’s recent call to ban together for the environment

There are many groups, companies, non-profits and individuals trying to do their part to help improve and protect the environment.  Each and every one of them (hopefully) has a whole-hearted intent to make someone’s life better or to make a lot of lives better through their actions.

Having two children myself, I keep wondering why more action isn’t being taken by the government to help preserve and protect the future of our country and our children.  Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders and what kind of example is being set if the “big issue” to go green and protect the environment, isn’t really making the headway it could.

I know it’s a hot topic and I understand people have differing opinions, but one report I came across made a lot of sense in terms of individuals banning together to really start making headway.

Take a look at The Brockovich Report: Environment for Humanity.

At the bare minimum it sparks a light of hope that there is something each individual can do and by banning together as a group, there is something we can do to make our actions to save the environment even more effective.  Check it out.

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