A biofriendly car, no gasoline required

No gasoline required

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It’s been talked about for the last few years and dreamt about for many years prior to that I’m sure, but the next phase in biofriendly transportation – the Air Car (yes, a car powered by air and requiring no gasoline) – is apparently going to start being sold broadly to consumers sometime around 2011.

Now one of the obvious benefits would be zero emissions – I mean how much pollution does air really create?  But before you get too excited the Air Car apparently does require some form of fuel.  The advantage, however, is that not only would the car be able to burn gasoline or diesel, but it could burn bio-diesel, ethanol or even vegetable oil.  So emissions could be kept very low with the right fuel.

And according to this article, the car can cruise at interstate speeds for nearly 800 miles with just a small motor compressing outside air to keep the tank filled.  MPG averages around 106 mpg, more than double today’s best cars.

The real question though is how many people are going to buy one?  To be honest, I wouldn’t.  Why?  Well, not because I don’t like the concept, but because it’s not practical for me and my family.  Besides my husband and I, we have a toddler, infant and a boxer mix and I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t all fit in that car.  But for someone who wants a small vehicle that is good for the environment, this might just be what they are looking for.

For now, I’ll stick with my existing car and just take advantage of a good fuel additive to reduce emissions and help make my car a little more biofriendly by more efficiently burning the gasoline I pour into it.

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