A Quick Environmental End of the Week Round-Up

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Unbelievable as it may seem, the end of the week is already here. Therefore I figured I’d do a quick environmental round-up. These are just a few of the environmental or eco-stories I came across this week that I thought you might be interested in.

1) Emissions: Why Focus on the Supply Chain? – Lifecycle costs are not always factored in when it comes to purchases and supplies, yet it is a key factor related to environmental impact.

2) Taco Bell sells Fake Meat. So What? Everybody’s doing it – With all that came up in the news this week regarding Taco Bell, it kind of all comes down to the fact that people need to be aware of what they are eating. If you don’t want “fake meat”, then go organic. Don’t want contaminated fruits and veggies? Then grown your own. There are healthy solutions.

3) What Does Organic Mean? – Speaking of organic, it’s good to know what organic really means. What level of organic are you really looking for? Know before you go.

4) Fancy Solar Cooker Concept a Possible Solution for Off-Grid Communities – To me this appears to be a great idea. As long as it is affordable, this could definitely have possibilities. Seems like it might be good for camping, etc.

5) Eco-Kids Protecting Animals for One More Generation – I always love hearing stories about kids taking steps to save animals, improve the environment, raise awareness to eco-activities, etc.

6) Cornfields vs. Oilfields (Infographic) – So what are the impacts of using corn for fuel? Is it worth the investment? Take a look.

7) Freecycling at Work Drives Green Engagement, Business Growth – This one I thought was a great idea for businesses. Inspiring people at work often trickles into their personal lives as well.

Now here’s one that many of you can get behind…the 2011 Local Hero Award. Check it out and see who has already been nominated. Then if you don’t see someone you think should be there, nominate them for a Heart of Green Local Hero Award! There are lots of unrecognized green heroes out there.

Remember to have a biofriendly weekend and if you’re planning on watching the Super Bowl this weekend, please keep your waste to a minimum. Check out some of the cool Green Facts and Figures Surrounding the Super Bowl.

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