8 Environmentally-Friendly Ways to Lift Your Spirits

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We’ve all experienced it at one point or another in our lives. A time when something or someone gets us down or maybe we just aren’t feeling as high-spirited as we usually feel. Life happens. But instead of doing one of the more “traditional” solutions such as going on a big shopping spree, spending the weekend at the spa or stuffing your face with sugary foods, maybe it’s time to look for a more environmentally-friendly option.

Here are 8 environmentally-friendly ways to lift your spirits:

Go for a walk: One of the simplest ways to lift your spirits is to go for a walk. On your walk, smell the fresh air, look at the trees, the birds, the clouds in the sky. Take a look at nature and the world around you and before you know it, you’ll begin to feel better.

Work in the garden: Another great way to lift your spirits is to do a little gardening or planting. Planting seeds that will grow into fresh fruit, vegetables, flowers, etc. is a very peaceful and relaxing experience. Besides, a little sunlight and fresh air helps too.

Declutter and/or clean: Have you ever noticed that when your house, or even your room, is a mess that you don’t feel as good? Well, grab some vinegar, lemon and other natural cleaning supplies and get cleaning. By the time you are done, your place will smell better, feel cleaner, look great and you’ll be happy you did it!

Donate your time or stuff: Now, you can take some of the items you found during your cleaning/decluttering step and donate them to other people. Or better yet, go spend some time helping someone else. It doesn’t have to be through an organized charity or group, even helping a friend out works. Just go donate your time to help someone else and I’m sure you’ll find they feel better and you will too!

If you have to buy anything, buy a plant: For those of you who have that shopping gene and absolutely MUST buy something in order to lift your spirits, go buy some plants. Why plants? Well, plants will bring some of the outdoors in and certain plants have been found to help combat indoor air pollution as well. When you aren’t breathing in air pollution all day long, you’ll feel better!

Open up the windows and get some fresh air: Speaking of fresh air. Opening up your windows and letting a nice breeze blow through will help lift your spirits. Fresh air is better than stuffy air any day! Open the windows and get yourself a dose of freshness.

Give yourself a little DIY at-home spa treatment: If you really want to pamper yourself, then do a little DIY spa day. Use one or more of these simple DIY tips to create a relaxing at-home spa day. A perfect way to naturally relax and feel better without spending a lot of money.

Eat something that will naturally boost your spirits: There are some foods that can lift your spirits by giving you a sugar boost. However it’s always better to eat something that can help lift your spirits naturally. So, to get a healthy boost in spirit, try one of these foods.

Well, it just goes to show we don’t need lots of stuff or to spend a lot of money in order to lift our spirits. There are many natural ways to lift our spirits that are better for the environment and to be honest, better for us too! So, what’s your favorite way to naturally lift your spirits?


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