5 Bio-Friendly Mother’s Day Ideas Fit For Any Mom

Happy Mother's DayImage by Heather Elias

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. Do you have anything special planned for your mother? Are you taking her out to eat? Are you buying her gifts? Are you taking her to the spa? Well, if you don’t already have something planned (or even if you do), what about doing one of these more bio-friendly Mother’s Day ideas?

1) Take your mom on a walk: Most moms love spending time with their kids. But how long has it been since you’ve spent some one-on-one time with your mom? I mean just the two of you. You can talk, reminisce, laugh and just enjoy each other’s company. Even though it doesn’t cost anything, it’s the kind of memory you both will cherish.

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Besides think of the emissions, gas and money you will save by going on a walk rather than driving somewhere. It’ll be good for both of you to get outdoors and get some fresh air too.

2) Give your mom a scrapbook or photo album: Whether you live nearby or far away, moms love seeing pictures of you and your family. (Trust me, they do.) Putting together a simple photo album, while it may be a more time-consuming gift, will be worth the effort.

ScrapbookingImage by ali edwards

Plus, if you make your scrapbook or photo album from stuff you have around the house, not only are you are recycling materials, and saving gas and energy by not driving to a store, you are saving money at the same time. It’s a win/win.

3) Make your mom a special meal: Mother’s Day doesn’t need to be a consumer-driven holiday. You don’t HAVE to go out to eat or buy lots of expensive gifts in order to show your mom you care.

Why not make your mom one of her favorite meals? Even if you aren’t the best cook (like me), you and your siblings could team up and make something mom would enjoy. I know my mom would probably be beside herself if I made her a Mother’s Day dinner.

Home-made Mother's Day MealImage by kimberlykv

There are also the extra benefits of not having to drive to the restaurant, try and find parking, wait in line with all the other people who are taking their mothers out for Mother’s Day, pay for an expensive meal, try and carry on a conversation in a loud, crowded restaurant, etc.

4) Take mom to the Farmer’s Market:  If you really feel the need to go shopping with/for your mom on Mother’s Day, how about a trip to the local farmer’s market? You can shop together, maybe even plan a great Mother’s Day meal together and spend some quality time with your mom.

Farmer's Market - fresh fruits and veggiesImage by Yodel Anecdotal

If you live close enough, you can even walk or ride your bikes. And don’t forget your re-usable bags so you don’t need to get plastic bags for all your farmer’s market goodies!

5) Send your mom a home-made care package: Sometimes it isn’t feasible to visit mom on Mother’s Day, but that doesn’t mean she can’t get a great care package from you. Some creative items for your care package include:

– home-made yummies (baked goods, canned fruits/veggies, etc),

– seeds to plant herbs, veggies or flowers in her garden,

pre-seeded containers with her favorite flower or herb,

– home-made card or gift from you (and the kids),

– a scrapbook or even a CD with photos on it,

– and simplest of all, include a poem or letter written by you to your mom to let her know just how much she means to you.

Mother's Day Flowers and PlantsImage by Supernan

Remember, it’s not how much something costs that makes it valuable. Sometimes the simplest activities or gestures from family are valued the most. What are your plans and ideas for a biofriendly Mother’s Day?


  • Wendy Gabriel

    Love these suggestions! All of them are fabulous ways to make your Mom feel special any time of the year! Thanks!

  • Leslie

    Great post! Love the ideas. Keeping it simple for my mom too this year! 🙂 Happy early Mother’s Day!

  • LoveEarthAlways.com

    Wonderful ideas. As a Dad I can tell you that any one of these ideas would be welcome for Father’s Day!

  • Stephanie

    I am still working on my photo album for my mom, but since I’ll see her the weekend AFTER mother’s day, I still have some time. 🙂 Happy Mothers’ Day Tara!

  • Tara

    Thanks Wendy – agreed, they do work for any time of the year!

    Awww, thanks Leslie – glad to hear it. Hope you have a wonderful, simple Mother’s Day with the kiddos too 🙂

    Good point Glenn! Yes, these hold true for dads as well. Toss in a bike ride maybe too, right?!

    Smart planning Steph – I’ll have to try that one year! Have a wonderful Mother’s Day Steph – I’m sure you will!

    Thanks v much for your comments and I hope you all have a great weekend!

  • Eric Jones

    I find the best scrapbooking supplies are found around the house or at general store, such as dollar stores. Look for everyday items that you can add to your scrapbook. Around the house, the more personal an item is, the better. Items such as event programs, menus, cards, receipts, or anything else that will lend a personal touch and dress up your scrapbook are great.

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