4 Toxic Products That Can Ruin Your Summer and the Environment

As we head into summer, there are probably a number of activities you, family and friends have planned. Maybe you are planning a family vacation or a day trip to the beach. Whether you are looking at spending some time away from home or you are planning on opting for a few staycation ideas, you are going to want to stay away from toxins and harmful chemicals that could not only put a damper on your summer, but will likely have a significant impact on the environment as well. To keep you and your family safe, here are 4 toxic products you will want to avoid:

backyard lawn gardenWeed and Lawn Control: With the amount of time most people spend outdoors during the summer months, it is important you be wary of the products you use on to maintain your lawn and help control the weeds in your garden. Roundup and certain other toxic products will often have a far more devastating health and environmental effect than most people realize. Children and adults who live in areas where these types of pesticides are used tend to have evidence of the toxins show up in the bloodstreams. A recent geological survey indicated Monsanto’s Roundup was found in 75% of all air and rain samples in the Delta agriculture region.

People enjoy time at the beachSunscreen:  If you are planning on spending any time outdoors this summer (which I highly recommend), it is important you either wear sunscreen or at least limit the time your body is directly exposed to the sun’s rays. The last thing you want to do is inadvertently cause yourself harm when your intentions are good. Many sunscreens include toxins which can penetrate the skin, disrupt hormones, cause skin allergies and lead to a variety of other concerns. To increase your chances of being able to avoid the harmful ingredients regularly included in sunscreens and sunblocks, we advise you opt for one of the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) top-rated sunscreens.

makeup beauty suppliesBeauty Products: Beauty supplies are another type of product known for containing harmful toxins and chemicals. For many women and men, makeup, hair gels, lotions, beauty creams and other products have become part and parcel to their lives. It would be unheard of for them to even have a thought of leaving the house without them. To anyone who uses or is planning on beauty products this summer, even for those trying to maintain their “natural look”, I advise you take a good look at these top 10 toxic beauty ingredients to avoid.

bug spray repellentBug Sprays: As you may have already experienced in past years, mosquitoes and other pesky bugs tend to show up during the hot summer months. They ruin picnics, put a damper on outdoor activities and can make a people quite sick. Toxic bug sprays are not the answer. You don’t want to put harmful chemicals in and on your body simply in an attempt to keep away a few bugs. Here are a few homemade natural bug spray recipes that work.

Air pollution can also have a negative impact both on your summer activities and on the environment itself. If you are worried about your exposure to air pollution, it could be that a little olive oil is just what you need. Opting for the simple and natural solution is usually the best way to go. So, go ahead and make some fond new memories this summer…but leave out the harmful and toxic products that are capable of cause long-lasting, negative effects on you and the environment around you.

Backyard lawn image by Dave Rezendes, people at the beach image by Rocky LaLiberte, makeup counter image by Stephen Carlile and bug spray while camping image by Randy Chiu via Flickr Creative Commons license

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