13 Ways to Keep Your Home Naturally Clean With Hydrogen Peroxide

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Hydrogen peroxide is a handy bubbling liquid that might be a staple in your medicine cabinet, but did you know it also has many cleaning uses around the house? From stains to germs this convenient brown bottle can be your new best eco-friendly cleaning agent. Here are some ways you can use hydrogen peroxide to keep your home naturally clean:

  1. Carpet stains come off fast with peroxide. Make sure you test a spot first as peroxide does have the ability to bleach some fabrics. Although to get out a tough stain like grape juice there is nothing better than a splash of peroxide. Just wet the stain, let it sit for a minute or two, and then dab off.
  2. Laundry stain remover. Mix a tablespoon of peroxide with a squirt of Dawn dish-washing soap to remove stains from almost any fabric. A quick and easy way to fight stains even on the go!
  3. Musty smelling towels? Soak them in half a cup of peroxide mixed with half a cup of vinegar for fifteen minutes. Then wash as normal for fresh, clean smelling towels.
  4. Keep your fish tank fungi-free by adding a few drops of peroxide. A little bit won’t hurt your fish and helps to fight fungal growth.
  5. Get your toilet shiny white by adding a half a cup of peroxide to the water. Let sit for an hour and then scrub for a blindingly white and smell free toilet.
  6. Wash grime out of your shower curtain the easy way. Wash your shower curtain in the wash machine with a towel and add your regular detergent. Then add a cup of peroxide to boost the cleaning factor and your curtain will be as good as new.
  7. Clean out your humidifiers, steamers and carpet cleaners with peroxide. Add a quart to every gallon of water to keep them running like new.
  8. Keep mold out of your bathroom by spraying a peroxide solution every time you shower. A four to one solution of water and peroxide makes for mold free, grime free showers.
  9. Take the yellow out of old lace with peroxide. Simply soak the lace in a solution of two cups of peroxide to a gallon of cold water. Let sit for at least an hour before rinsing and drying, preferably in the sun.
  10. Did you know that one of the main ingredients in Oxyclean is hydrogen peroxide? Toss in a half a cup full to your laundry to get your whites whiter and your clothes brighter.
  11. Get the germs off your fresh produce with peroxide. Add a quarter of a cup to your sink full of water and let your veggies soak for five minutes before rinsing.
  12. Clean all your food surfaces including lunch boxes and cutting boards. Peroxide is a great natural germ killer and gets into the smallest cracks, even on plastic.
  13. Soak your toothbrushes in peroxide between brushing to prevent the spread and reinfection of colds and other viruses. A great way to keep the whole family healthy even when one child is sick. This also works great to keep thermometers clean between uses.

The above is a guest blog post contribution by Ken Myers, an expert advisor on in-home care & related family safety issues to many websites and groups. He is a regular contributor to www.gonannies.com and you can get in touch with him at [email protected]. Biofriendly Blog would like to thank Ken for his informative post on ways to use hydrogen peroxide as a natural cleaning agent. Kitchen image by Nannette Turner via Flirckr Creative Commons.

When it all comes down to it the above are just 13 of the many ways in which a person can keep his or her home naturally clean by using hydrogen peroxide. You can also try these 5 foods that make eco-friendly cleaners or these 20 DIY home cleaning products that are easy to make. The point is, there are a wide variety of natural solutions you can use to keep your home and indoor environment clean, smelling fresh and free of harmful toxins.

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