Renewable Energy: Wind Turbines On a Smaller Scale

Image by Tara McFatridge

Image by Tara McFatridge

Wind turbines are a sight many people are used to seeing, if not in and around their cities and towns, at least on the news. Collecting energy from the power of the wind is one of many renewable energy sources. It’s right up there along with solar and hydroelectric power. Here in California we see wind farms all over the place, like the ones out in the Mojave Desert or (as pictured above) in the Palm Springs area. The idea of putting one of these large turbines in our own backyards isn’t really feasible. Nobody really wants such a large structure so close to their home, especially in urban and suburban areas. So, how can homeowners and businesses tap into Mother Nature’s wind power?

Here are a few examples of wind turbines we believe to be more suitable for the home, or small business:

Avant Garde Innovations

The first is an affordable, portable wind turbine created by Avant Garde Innovations. This relatively new company not only committed to 100% renewable energy, it’s turbine has also been noted as one of India’s Top 20 Cleantech innovations and the company has been recognized for its efforts in alignment with the UN’s “Sustainability for All” initiative. According to the Economic Times, Avant Garde’s portable turbine has the ability to generate 3KW of electricity per day. This is enough to power a home and all at the estimated cost of 50,000 Indian Rupee or $750 US dollars. Small, portable and affordable access…exactly what the world needs in the renewable energy arena.


The second small-scale wind turbine we looked at was from a company called WindPax. This company has been working on developing “portable collapsing power generating/power storage wind turbine devices.” It too has a goal of being able to provide access to wind energy to everyone who wants it. What’s great about this particular wind turbine is it is apparently very durable and extremely light-weight. It is also collapsible, so it can be taken with you almost anywhere. You can set it up while out camping, hiking, on a road trip or any place you need to have power (and don’t have an outlet nearby).

These wind turbines vary in size from the 25 Watt “Wisp” capable of powering or charging small electronic devices and LED lights, the 100 Watt “Breeze” ideal for campsites and small villages, and the 400 Watt “Cyclone” capable of keeping a small power station going or charging multiple devices, lights, etc.

Nils Ferber’s Micro Wind Turbine

The next we wanted to highlight in our search is Nils Ferber’s Micro Wind Turbine. We were made aware of this small scale turbine from our friends over at TreeHugger. This particular turbine is similar to the WindPax in that it is small, portable and quite light-weight. Once the turbine is set up, all someone has to do is plug his or her device into the integrated USB port (on the turbine base) and power away. The turbine itself looks like a small sail from a boat, but is apparently capable of producing 5 Watts for immediate use or storing up to 24 Watts in its battery pack.

Janulus Inc.

Last, but definitely not least, is the Trinity portable wind turbine by Janulus, Inc. This wind turbine is another example of innovative designs intended to give the world access to renewable energy in places previously thought impossible. The turbine weighs less than two  pounds, is waterproof, extremely durable and can be taken pretty much anywhere. Depending on your needs, you can obtain a Trinity portable wind turbine capable of generating 50 Watts to power your cell phone while camping/hiking, or 2,500 Watts to power your home or charge your electric vehicle, as well as ones capable of providing power at various levels in between. This system even has a smart phone app so you can monitor battery level, check energy output and start/stop the turbine.

What’s wonderful about these small scale wind turbines is people can have immediate access to wind energy wherever they are, and whenever the need arises. These innovations bring renewable energy straight to the people. It’s also nice that you now have a choice. You can go with solar, or you can opt for wind…either way, it’s a biofriendly choice and we approve!

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