When it comes to health and the environment, does food matter?

good for health and environment 

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A friend of mine sent me a video about foodmatters.tv and I found it very interesting.  It’s truly amazing all the different “things” (junk food, toxins, drugs, etc) we expose ourselves to and yet we expect our body to operate at 100% all of the time.  Even Hippocrates believed food grown naturally in the environment could help heal man’s physical woes.

“Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine, And Thy Medicine Be Thy Food” – Hippocrates

But many people are looking for the “quick fix” to what ails them, when in actual fact, the natural and environmentally-friendly fix is most likely in the food we eat.  And if you follow the news, there seems to be a lot of controversy these days surrounding food and the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009.  But isn’t eating organic food good for you?  Don’t we want people to grow and sell organic, naturally-grown foods?  Aren’t Farmer’s Markets where small farmers can sell their fresh-grown products all part of improving the economy and building up capitalism and small business?  Here’s what one blogger had to say about all of that. 

Well, although I don’t know I agree with everything these two sources have to say, for the most part eating better to feel better makes sense to me.  I mean would you expect your car to run well if it didn’t get the proper “foods” like oil, filters, effective fuel additives or a truly efficient fuel, air in the tires, etc?  I think not.  Same goes for the human body – proper eating habits can go a long way to improve health and be better for the environment.

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