UPS driving down emissions

Clean Air Natural Gas Vehicle 

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When you have a fleet of over 93,000 vehicles, that travel not only from business to business but to homes as well, you’d probably better ensure your fleet is having the least harmful effect on the environment possible.

UPS is taking good strides towards just that.  Not only do they have low emission natural gas trucks in operation (I’ve seen them driving through downtown Los Angeles every day), but they just recently announced on their website they are the first industry to purchase hydraulic hybrid vehicles.

In testing, the hydraulic hybrid vehicles apparently achieved a 45-50% improvement in fuel economy compared to conventional diesel delivery trucks.  They also reported a 30% reduction in CO2 emissions.  The first two hybrid vehicles are due to be rolled out in the first quarter of 2009.

As can be imagined, one downside is the significant costs involved in manufacturing these hydraulic hybrid vehicles.  But with UPS already having 1500+ alternative-fuel vehicles on the road, they are happy to take the next measure to help the environment and continue to lower the harmful emissions coming from their massive fleet.

I look forward to seeing what UPS’ next emission-lowering steps will be.  Have they tried using an effective fuel additive in the rest of their 91,500 vehicles?  Just think of how much they could literally drive down emissions.  Go UPS!


  • Phil Hanson

    “I look forward to seeing what UPS’ next emission-lowering steps will be.”

    I understand that UPS is ramping up a fleet of bike/bike-trailer combos in Portland, Oregon, which are intended to replace a handful of small delivery vans. Annual savings on fuel, maintenance, and insurance costs are said to be significant, and it goes without saying that this move will result in a smaller corporate carbon footprint.

  • Tara

    Thanks for your comment. Wow – what an interesting concept – I could see that working in Portland and other big cities. Where did you hear this? I’d like to find out more.
    Thanks, Tara

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