A fuel additive is a fuel additive is…a fuel additive?

fuel additive 

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Anyone who reads this pretty much already knows that isn’t true.  There are so many companies and so many stories out there about what works, what doesn’t work, how you can make fuel additives yourself, etc.  Everyone wants you to use their fuel additive not the next guy’s.

Some claim to lower your fuel costs, others state they will reduce octane number requirements, some guarantee up to 90% decrease in emissions, while other talk about increasing mileage.  There are probably MANY workable and viable fuel additives on the market.  As far as I am concerned, if it helps to lower harmful emissions and improve performance (of course an added bonus of better fuel economy is great too), then it probably is worth checking out.

The fuel additive industry (for the most part) is trying to provide a solution for an existing problem.  And yes, everyone could go out and replace their existing vehicles with hybrids or gas stations could swap out their existing pumps for biofuel pumps.  But is that really going to happen in the near future?  No, it’s not – there is headway being made for sure, but like a lot of green advancements, there is a lot of room to grow.

Now I’ll be honest, I do work for Biofriendly Corporation and so I am a little biased in terms of my feeling that Green Plus (which is not just a typical additive but an actual combustion catalyst) is the way to go.  However, there is one important fact to keep in mind….there are so many millions of vehicles on the road and so many millions of people driving them, if even just a portion of them used a fuel additive….any workable fuel additive (with certified test results to back it up)…the world would be a lot cleaner.

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