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The Top 4 Benefits Of Installing Solar Panels On Your Home

Solar panels have become one of the trendy features to have in homes, both here in the United States and abroad. They aren’t just nice to have, however, there are hidden benefits of using them as well.

Here are the top 4 benefits of installing solar panels on your home:

1. Reducing/Eliminating Energy Bills

If you live in an area that’s pretty sunny, you might be paying more than you should for electricity bills- when there is a cheaper, more efficient means of powering your gadgets. This is particularly true for seasons like spring, when more solar energy is generated than is usually consumed.

The amazing thing about solar panels is even on those cloudy days, they still generate solar energy to help power your home. Although the amount generated is less than for sunny days (cloudy days generate 10-20% the amount of power generated on sunny days), it is still well worth having.  

2. You Can Earn Tax Credits/Rebates When You Use Solar Panels

In many cases, solar panels end up paying you because as soon as you start using them, you get 30% of the amount of money spent on equipment and installation as a federal income tax credit when your taxes are filed. You could also get state and local rebates, as well as Solar Renewable Energy Credits, and this can go on for up to 20 years! Talk about a decision that’s both socially responsible and economically profitable.

3. Save, Save, Save

The average annual energy expenditure for each person is over $3000, yet as soon as you install a solar panel system, you embark on long-term savings, as you are capturing the power of the sun for free. Adding solar panels makes your house very energy-efficient in summer and throughout the year.

Solar panels also improve the resale value of your home, by as much as $5,000 per installed kilowatt (and often times more).

You would be lengthening your roof’s life as well because solar panels tend to protect against elements like snow, rain, and debris.

4. Environmentally-Friendly Option

Home solar panels are not just smart energy-generating options, they also have immense benefits to the environment.

For one, solar power systems generate pure, clean energy from the sun, and when you install solar panels, you help reduce the number of greenhouse gases emitted globally with your singular action. It also reduces fossil fuel dependency.

You improve public health by avoiding overhead water costs when you use solar panels (unlike the use of fossil fuels – which requires quite a lot of water resources).

Another beautiful thing about the use of solar power is how it contributes to the creation of jobs in clean energy. The more people use solar panels, the more companies have to employ suitable hands to help in building these renewable energy sources, and it all makes the world a better place.

Wrapping Up

Installing solar panels on your home is one of those choices you’ll look back on and smile because of the immense benefits to not just your personal life, but to the society at large. Ready to jump on this moving train?

Guest blogger bio: Anne Barry. Anne has been in the writing profession for about a decade now. She has great experience writing informative and environmental articles. Her work has been appreciated and published in many popular publications. In her own time, she is an environmental lover who enjoys traveling and exploring new places.

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