The Legend of Mustachio Bristlecone

As recently reported on The Biofriendly Podcast, the children of the world have been missing out on a candy and gift giving opportunity each Earth Day! For centuries, April 22nd has come and gone without any of us realizing how to partake in a ceremony summoning the ancient spirit of Mustachio Bristlecone—the oldest tree in the world! But now, these secrets have finally been uncovered for kids and adults to enjoy. Here is how you can participate…

On Earth Day, go for a walk in nature with your family. During this time, complete the following:

  1. Plant something – this can be a seed, an herb, a flower, a tree, or any plant you can get your hands on to help take root in the Earth.  
  2. Observe a living creature – whether it’s a squirrel, an army of ants, or some birds flying overhead, take note of the living and breathing wildlife around you. In fact, make it a competition of ‘how many can you spot!’
  3. Smell a flower – You know they always say ‘stop and smell the roses’? Well this is your chance! Find a flower you’ve never seen before and give it a whiff to see if it’s fragrant or stinky.
  4. Add a drop of water to the soil – See a dying plant? Add some water to it. If you’re on a hike and already carrying a re-useable water bottle, turn over a few drops and give our planet a drink.  
Photo by Angelo Pantazis on Unsplash

By doing these things together, your love and care for nature will connect with the complex root system of Mustachio Bristlecone—which spans the entire globe! Then, exactly 30 days later on May 22nd, return to the site of the item you planted and Mustachio Bristlecone will “leave a gift” as a thank you! Much like the Easter Bunny’s gifts, the gift can vary from person to person, but it can be anything from a candy to a toy to some other token of appreciation. 

The final step of celebrating Mustachio Bristlecone on May 22nd is to return home and bake a pizza with your family. This pizza could be traditional, made of fruit, or a giant cookie…but the circular shape of the pizza acts as a symbol of our circular world and the connection we share. 

Photo by Juvian Duff on Unsplash

For further details, listen to The Biofriendly Podcast here.

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