Capturing Wind Energy Without Blades

Wind turbines come with a fair number of challenges, many of which make them difficult to install on top of buildings or homes due to their size. But can a new rooftop technology harness wind power quietly with the same airflow science for race cars? This week on The Biofriendly Podcast we look at motionless wind generation, why you need to know which birds are in danger, and do Noel and Jacob only have 30 minute memories?

Colorful Kea

The kea, Nestor notabilis, is a native New Zealand bird also known as the New Zealand mountain parrot, and they are currently an endangered species.

Hold on

A Japanese macaque holding their young and bracing on a nearby rock.

Dewdrop dragonfly

Photographer Lasse Anderssons captures a dragonfly bedazzled with glistening dew drops in the morning.

What is Carbon Capture and Storage?

Every day we continue to push more carbon into the air from our biggest industries around the world. While a lot of efforts are being made toward renewables, we still need a solution on how to capture carbon from our atmosphere and store it away safely. This week on The Biofriendly Podcast we discuss a recent carbon capture discovery that uses copper, how some tech companies have some crazy ways of storing carbon, and it’s important to remember that this… is a show about patience.

Howling mouse

The Grasshopper mouse, also known as the ‘werewolf’ mouse, howls before it kills. As a carnivorous rodent it tends to hunt prey larger than itself and has evolved to convert lethal scorpion venom into a painkiller.

Enzyme Energy and Mycelium Meat

Is it possible to pull energy out of thin air? A recent discovery of a natural enzyme that can produce electricity from hydrogen in our atmosphere could be a game changer. And with the popularity of TV shows like The Last Of Us, you may be concerned about seeing a bundle of branching fungi known as mycelium (or mushroom root), but it could be a delicious and nutritious meat substitute. You have to listen to this week’s Biofriendly Podcast for your blend of education and silliness.

Let’s talk

Turns out your new boss is a leopard and you’ve just been called into her office for a quick chat.

The High Seas Treaty and the Dread Pirate Veronica

After nearly two decades of negotiations, the United Nations High Seas Treaty has finally been approved to conserve and sustainably use our ocean beyond national boundaries. This week on The Biofriendly Podcast we discuss what the High Seas Treaty aims to accomplish, how we can prevent further sea-faring shenanigans, and do Noel and Jacob need to call upon the Dread Pirate Veronica to inspire fear and love?

Fox hole

A red fox mouses for prey under the snow in this funny picture by Cameron Sullivan Photography.