Bring your own bag | Tuesday Tip

By purchasing a tote bag with a message, you can easily become a walking billboard for a good cause. Some grocery stores even offer a discount when you bring a reusable bag!

Turbo cute

Full speed ahead for this Japanese Sable, which is a Marten species that belongs to the Mustelid family. While it looks adorable, these cute little creatures can be quite the vicious predators.

Hispanic Business Going Green with Ramiro Cavazos

This week we traveled all the way to Las Vegas to sit down with the President of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC), Ramiro Cavazos, to discuss their commitment of representing the needs of citizens and small business owners. As we learned more about how the USHCC actively promotes the growth and development of more than 4.7 million Hispanic-owned businesses, we also discussed the importance of being on the cutting-edge of environmental needs, and why you should never gamble with a set of headphones. 

Vampire fish?

A red-toothed Triggerfish that has vampire-like fangs. Triggerfish can mostly be found in tropical and subtropical oceans, and can actually change color according to mood.

Fist bump

A moment captured between a pair of great horned owls which could be tender, friendly or the calm before a brawl between these avian apex predators.

Sustainably soak up that kitchen | Tuesday Tip

When your reusable clothes and towels get dirty, they’re easily disinfected by boiling them in hot water. No waste necessary!


This majestic raven posing on top of Burroughs Mountain, Mt. Rainer in Washington brings forth some major Edgar Allen Poe vibes during the Halloween season. Captured by photographer, Dylann Jack.

Cheeky tree

It’s common for a tree to develop a burl, which is unsprouted bud tissue that becomes a knobby growth, but it’s rather uncommon for it to be so cheeky.

Geoengineering: Creative or Crazy?

When it comes to creatively cooling our global warming, scientists are dreaming up new ways to reflect heat away from the Earth through a process called geoengineering. This week we explore everything from painted streets to harnessing the power of volcanoes, why the Greeks are already keeping it cool, and does Keith even know what he’s talking about?

Look here, pal

Photographer Luis Alcivar captured this intense stare-down from a chestnut-breasted coronet, which is a species of hummingbird. Can I speak to the manager?