The EPA and Green Plus, agreeing to disagree

It’s interesting how shocking information can appear when not all the facts are given.  Such is the case between the EPA and Biofriendly Corporation (manufacturer of Green Plus, a liquid fuel catalyst designed and proven to increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions).

The EPA published a press release about the settlement with Biofriendly Corporation.  What this press release didn’t state was that the EPA granted Biofriendly a product registration in 2001, which the company had understood met the registration requirements. 

Since neither the EPA nor Biofriendly could agree on what happened and were unable to reconcile, Biofriendly had only two choices – a) litigate and drag the pending product registration on for potentially years or b) settle.  What would you have done?

When you have a viable product that can make a difference in the fuel additive arena, you need to get it on the market and not mess around with red tape and disagreements.  So, they settled.  Then the EPA granted Biofriendly new registrations for Green Plus (EPA registration numbers: 1832-0004; 1832-0005; 1832-0006 granted in August & September 2008).

In addition, certified testing was conducted for the State of Texas in 2004 and 2005 and subsequently for the EPA to demonstrate Green Plus’ efficacy and safety.  Green Plus passed these tests along with dozens of others in government certified labs across the globe.

So to make a long story shorter….Green Plus has been successfully used in countries around the world and the EPA registration confusion is over.

Just had to get my two-cents in there.   Check it out for yourself, click here and see how Green Plus lowers vehicle emissions, improves fuel economy and delivers more power. 

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