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biofriendly wild animal park 

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This last weekend my family and I went to the San Diego Wild Animal Park.  It was great to take the kids there to go on the safari tour and get up close and personal with the animals in such a biofriendly environment.  My daughter especially loved being able to see the green hilly landscapes with giraffes, elephants, lions, zebras, deer, monkeys…okay, let’s be honest, she loved it all.

But another great part of the Wild Animal Park is all the conservation measures they have in place.  Not only is the Wild Animal Park part of the Zoological Society of San Diego, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of endangered wildlife and habitats, but they also have a variety of other conservation projects in place.  They were even recognized by California’s Waste Reduction Awards Program in 2007 for outstanding waste reduction efforts.

One of their conservation projects includes their Alternative Water and Energy Demonstration Site where they have a main building made of straw bale construction.  The straw bale construction provides a great insulation so it requires no air conditioning and little heat.  As an added note, getting rid of straw by burning it produces more carbon dioxide than the electric power-generating plants in California, so re-using it in this way is much more environmentally friendly.

Another program is their Cars for Conservation Program, so if you can’t make your car more fuel efficient with biofuels or liquid fuel enhancers, and want to help a great cause, donate your vehicle to the Zoological Society of San Diego.  It’s a biofriendly way to get rid of your vehicle and who knows…they might let the animals enjoy it too!

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