The energy charger that won’t leave you stranded

EarthTech Voltaic Solar Backpack

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We all know there are many uses and needs for solar energy and thus solar panels.  People have solar panels on their homes, businesses put solar panels on their roofs, there are cars, RVs, boats and even carports now with solar panels.  But what happens if let’s say you go out camping or for a hike and your cell phone battery runs out or you need to use your computer or your GPS loses charge?  What then?

Well….in doing some research the other day, I saw a number of very cool products from Earthtech Products that are perfect for just those types of situations!  For example, how would you like a solar backpack?  I know the first thought I had was of some backpack with a large solar panel (like you find on a house) strapped to it, but that’s not the case here.  These backpacks and bags actually look like they would come in handy.  They even have messenger bags and laptop charger bags for your everyday work needs.

The backpack itself apparently has three panels that can generate up to 4 watts of power and even store energy for use when the sun isn’t shining.  It comes with 11 adaptors for charging various different electric devices such as your cell phone, camera, two way radio, handheld GPS, MP3, etc.  (NOTE: The backpack I’m talking about isn’t designed to charge a laptop, but they have other bags that apparently can.)  And if you are worried about the panels, don’t worry, they are promoted as being water and scratch-proof.

Don’t be mistaken, this backpack will set you back about $219.00.  But when it comes to being stranded without a charged cell phone or GPS locator, this backpack could be your energy life-saver!  Just look at it this way, you wouldn’t go for a long road trip without getting your car tuned up, putting in a full tank of gas (and a proven fuel enhancer hopefully), checking directions, bringing along water, food and a change of clothes….so why wouldn’t you bring along a solar backpack too?

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