Save energy, charge your car with a solar canopy

save energy with solar canopy

I was busy Digging articles the other day when I came across a great one about a car port/canopy that uses solar panels to recharge electric cars.  Awesome, huh?!  What better way to save energy and cut electricity costs than to get the sun to recharge your electric car!

It’s something I’ve wondered for awhile….I’ve seen commercials where people plug their cars in at night (and apparently it doesn’t cost them a lot to recharge the car), but wouldn’t it be simpler and much better to just let the sun recharge your car?  I know the sun can’t recharge your car at night, but if these canopies capture the sun’s rays during the day then maybe they could transfer that captured energy to the car at night.  That could make it worth the investment, don’t you think?

Now I don’t know if these are available for personal use yet, but they have apparently been unveiled for use in car parks at airports, train stations, supermarkets, shopping centers, office buildings, etc.  Just think of arriving to work in your electric car and being able to park underneath one of these solar parking canopies.  Your car would charge up while you are at work and be fully charged by the time you are ready to go home.  Or maybe you need to take a business trip…you take your car to the airport, park it under a solar canopy and catch your flight.  By the time you return your car is fully charged and ready to go.  Trips to the mall or grocery store could also be used to recharge your car….hmmmm….even recharging your electric car during a road trip would become much more feasible!

Anyway, I’d say these canopies are another wonderful way to take advantage of the natural energy the sun provides.  But until they come out I guess you’ll have to keep plugging your car in at home, and if you don’t have an electric car yet, I’d advise using a proven fuel additive to help lower your emissions and increase your fuel economy.  Then when the new canopies start showing up near you, getting an electric car might be something worth checking out.  Would you consider an electric car if you could charge it under a solar canopy?

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