Mother Nature’s take on Global Warming

Mother Nature 

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Have you ever wondered what Mother Nature thinks about Global Warming?  There’s always talk about how humans have caused global warming or the various different factors that contribute to global warming, but what does Mother Nature think?

If people cut down the rainforests, is she kind and forgiving or does she strike back with flooding in that same area…flooding that would have been lessened if the rainforests were still intact?  If we waste water, does she redirect rivers and streams thus creating droughts or dry wastelands?  If we demolish fields, trees and streams to build factories, businesses, etc. all in the name of “progress”, does Mother Nature sit back and watch or does she shake with anger and let loose an earthquake?

Every day there is talk about how to deal with global warming/climate change, but I think (Mother Nature Network) had a good blog where they talked about how the U.N. Environment Program pointed out, in a recent report, that Nature’s way is best when it comes to controlling the gases responsible for climate change.  True, isn’t it?

If we invested in planting more trees, conserving water, developing eco-systems, etc. rather than just spending money on carbon offsets, “cleaning” coal (how do you clean coal anyway?) or burying carbon emissions back into the Earth (that would tick me off if I was Mother Nature), wouldn’t we all be better off?

Maybe if we did more global activities that gave back to Mother Nature, maybe she would give back more to us.  Maybe if we each took a closer look at what we could do, that would help too.  It’s something to think about the next time you throw trash on the ground, decide not to recycle, leave the water running for 20 minutes, drive rather than walk to the store across the street, etc.  What do you think Mother Nature thinks about Global Warming?

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