green cell phone

How to Make Your Cellphone Greener

green cell phone

Modern society has evolved around the smartphone in recent years. They quickly went from an uncommon luxury to a household staple. However, that change hasn’t been completely positive, for the environment at least. Along with the increase in their numbers, a strong ecological footprint has developed along with it.

In order to create a less detrimental effect on the environment overall, there are ways that everyday cellphone users can diminish their output. Here’s three big ways to make a difference by making your mobile device greener.

Recharge Your Phone on the Go

Placing your phone in the wall and draining a socket may be faster and more convenient, but it’s not as efficient as possible. By just inserting your phone into a car charger you can maximize the utility already being used for more than one purpose

For an even more eco-friendly and optimal way, you can charge your phone by cycling. By equipping your bicycle with a dynamo charger, you can recharge while you ride through using human motion to power your device.

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Recharge Through Natural Means

There’s an unlimited supply of untapped energy all around us everyday. Charging your phone is a small task from a variety of these sources.

The solar industry has steadily been growing since 2013, and developments with the technology have led to some convenient advances. It’s not very expensive or cumbersome to get a portable solar charger that can power your phone while you’re out and about. You can equip your phone with a protective case that can recharge your phone battery without worrying about any extra gear.

It’s also possible to use your own body’s energy to power your device. A hand crank phone charger can be used as a sort of exercise and a powerful means to recharge your phone. While a minute of cranking will net you about 1% of charge depending on your phone, you are killing two birds with one stone, as well as helping the environment. Doesn’t get much greener than that.

Store Power For Later Use

Power banks can act as a portable power source for your phone at any and all times. By using them to charge your phone, you can maximize the time your phone maintains charge throughout the course of your day.

While you can simply use them as a convenient power source when your device is running low on juice, the real eco-friendly way is to use it in conjunction with another charging method taken from this list. For example, if you charge your phone while driving or cycling, chances are that your battery will hit 100% sooner or later. By using a power bank, you can begin to charge that instead, allowing you to store power for later usage.

It’s never too late to make a positive difference from adjusting your habits. As more mobile users continue to utilize these powerful devices in an even greater capacity, so too will the effect on the environment grow. Mobile devices are clearly here to stay, so we should ensure that our planet is here to see it.

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