How to Raise Eco-Conscious Kids

Eco-conscious kids

In our modern world, there is a huge emphasis on preserving our environment. With the hole in the ozone layer growing bigger by the day, perhaps the best way to guarantee the health of our planet going forward is to teach our children how to  be eco-conscious and love the earth. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to get kids excited about sustainability!

Packing Lunch Letting kids pack their own lunches in reusable containers is a great start. When they get excited about using their Ecolunchbox, they’re more likely to live overall more eco- conscious lives. This also gives parents an opportunity to teach their children about the benefits of organic food such as reduced exposure to pesticides and the positive impact it can have on the environment.

Volunteer Encourage your children, and especially your teenagers, to volunteer as often as possible! Suggest that they become involved with a local organization such as The Sierra Club to help protect the planet, and praise them if they decide to give up some of their allowance in order to make a donation. Remember: a little bit of encouragement goes a long way!

Planting Trees Arbor Day is often used as a time to plant trees, but most children will be thrilled to get outside and do this every day of the year! A trip to the plant nursery and a few hours in the sun will give parents an inexpensive opportunity to help their kids learn about how trees clean the air of pollution and make us all breathe a little bit easier.

Helping Around the House There’s no secret that kids love to help their parents with everyday tasks. There are plenty of small things children can do to make sure their homes are as eco- friendly as possible, like looking for gaps and cracks in door frames and making sure that blinds stay closed on sunny days. A reward system can make saving the planet seem like a friendly competition between siblings!

Thrift Shopping There are few things as exciting for a child as being given a five dollar bill and getting to choose whatever they want from the thrift shop. This teaches an important lesson is recycling, while also instilling values related to helping those who are less fortunate. Charities like Goodwill are a wonderful place to start! If you have older children, you could encourage them to donate their old clothes to a charity in order to protect the environment while tidying up their closet!

Trash Pickup An afternoon at the shore or in a local park gives children the time to enjoy the great outdoors (which helps them appreciate the earth) while also cleaning up the environment. Giving each of your children a trash bag and a timer helps make cleaning up fun, and a small reward, such as an extra topping on their ice cream, can help get them excited! For your older kids, you could entice them with extra computer or television time.

Research There are constantly new advances in the field of environmental science. Staying on top of this, through websites like Biofriendly Planet, will allow you to constantly innovate new ideas that will help you raise eco-conscious kids!

Eco-conscious kids hand in hand

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