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Keys to an Eco-Friendly Diet

Another year has come to an end but, as you know, 2020 is not just another year. As a human collective, we have been through a lot of trials and tribulations this past year. Fortunately, the calendar has flipped to a new year. Our daily lives have shifted dramatically, for some more than others, and a new normal seems to be the way forward. Millions of people worked remotely last year, and countless restaurants switched to delivery options. New technology has surfaced, and we are now headed towards a changed world in 2021, which means how and what we eat is also changing. The trend to eat an eco-friendly diet is part of the larger green movement seeking to address climate change.

There is a common misconception going green is a pain, takes too much time or effort, and costs more, but there has never been a better time to at least try an eco-friendly diet. As we has now entered a new year, it is an appropriate time to make a small change in your daily life to benefit the planet. Using these easy tips and tricks can help you get started with an eco-friendly diet. Following these will help the planet without forcing you to compromise on your favorite modern comforts. 

Good For You And The Planet

Farmers Market helps with an eco-friendly diet

Many people think going green is purely for the sake of the planet and stopping climate change, but everyone who eats an eco-friendly diet is getting something out of it too. It is no coincidence the foods in an eco-friendly diet are naturally occurring, preferably organic foods, and also make a healthy diet for humans. The planet is built to grow things, so take advantage of what the planet is good at and shift your diet to center on natural and or organic foods. 

You get more than a good feeling and approval from nutritionists for eating green, though. Keeping your body healthy with natural foods helps ward off issues common in less healthy diets. No one wants to spend a night looking to read more about yeast overgrowth problems that arise from unhealthy diets. An eco-friendly diet might not come with superpowers, but it reduces your likelihood of some illnesses, keeps your body healthy, and helps the planet we all share. 

Local Farmers’ Markets

Most of the time, when people say switching to a green diet is hard, it is because their preferred store does not stock eco-friendly options. Not every grocery store carries the same things, and one store might be more tailored for one type of food over others. You wouldn’t expect a butcher to stock oranges, just like you can’t expect a processed food-focused store to stock the best eco-friendly options.

Thankfully, it is not hard to find places selling green foods, and they are in your local community. Farmers’ markets are some of the best places to buy fresh foods you can trust are made with care. Buying at local markets also directly helps your neighbors instead of a national grocery store chain. Another benefit of shopping at a local farmers’ market is you will be shopping with the seasons. Local growers will typically only sell what is in season, so you are not supporting the year round farming practice. 

Packaging And Leftovers

packaging and leftovers help with an eco-friendly diet

It is not just the food you eat that determines how eco-friendly your diet is because you must also factor in the packaging and any potential waste. You can take the most eco-friendly food but ruin its green value with non-green packaging.  Bringing your own bags when grocery shopping helps, but you also have to look at the packages on the shelf. Aim to buy green foods with biodegradable, recyclable, reusable, or no packaging at all when possible.

You should also consider how long the green food you buy lasts. There are few preservatives to keep your foods fresh as long as processed foods, so you might need to adjust to faster spoil rates. This does not indicate anything is wrong with your new green food because food is supposed to spoil over time; the issue is we just got used to a longer time table because of preservatives. Try not to waste food by letting it go bad on accident and use leftovers to make two meals for one

Going into the year, we should all strive to be the best we can, and that includes taking care of our shared planet. Switching to an eco-friendly diet isn’t hard, but it does require some effort to find new food sources. Eat green to keep your body healthy, help your community, and help the planet.

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