It’s worth the energy to wash your hands

Worth the energy to wash your hands 

Image by Rebecca..

Okay, this was one I just couldn’t pass up.  I saw a blog from a week or so ago, titled “Graphic Encouragement to Wash Your Hands” and I have to tell you, based on the photo alone, it is definitely worth the energy to wash your hands.

I’m sure most people at one point or another have skipped the all important step of washing their hands either after preparing food, using the bathroom, caring for a sick child, blowing their nose, etc.  But if you were ever in doubt about the bacteria that can lurk on our hands, you must take a look at the above post.  Granted it comes from a hospital worker, however it doesn’t mean that bacteria of some sort isn’t all over your hands right now.

(Sorry I didn’t mean to send you running to the bathroom to wash your hands, but it probably couldn’t hurt.)

However, on the other hand, there is always the question of how much is too much.  Is it dangerous to wash your hands too much?  Can using hand sanitizer all the time cause more harm than good?  Won’t your hands dry out if you wash them too much?

Well, like most things, there is usually more than one point of view.  I’d rather play it safe, so I am going to continue to take the time and energy to wash my hands regularly, use a hand sanitizer now and again and use a moisturizer when I need it.  What about you?

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