Biofriendly hotels for 2009

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In the beginning of December I came across a great blog from Greenversations titled, “Celebrate the Environment: Check in to an ENERGY STAR Hotel to Check Out with Energy Savings”.  It was about finding and staying in ENERGY STAR hotels during the holidays.  I thought it was cool because finding an ENERGY STAR hotel is a great way to help the environment and be even a little bit more biofriendly during your travels.

Then recently I read through a short article in Money magazine about how there are no shortage of resorts claiming to be eco-friendly.  The unfortunate part is they usually charge a hefty markup for it and of course, how can you really be sure you are checking into a green and biofriendly hotel?

Lucky for us they also covered a new website,, that ranks over 4,000 hotels and resorts in 100 countries on how well they preserve the environment, promote local economic development and provide sustainable accomodations.

Now, just a note, from what I noticed these are not your typical “by the side of the road” hotels or motels.  For example, I searched for health spa in the United States and one of the hotels I came up with was the Ambrose Hotel in Santa Monica, CA.  The hotel is listed as “Upscale tranquility meets affordable luxury at Santa Monica’s only award winning sustainable boutique hotel” at $240/night.

But whether you decide to go with an ENERGY STAR hotel , go with a greener hotel such as 1Hotel or go full out with a biofriendly, sustainable hotel during your 2009 travels, just remember no matter where you go, you can take steps to help make 2009 a year for the environment!

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