waste balers help businesses

How Waste Balers Can Help Businesses Become More Environmentally Friendly

Waste balers help businesses become more environmentally friendly

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As a business it is key to be working towards ways in which you can act sustainably and build a greener workplace. During recent years, we have seen much more focus on the impact waste is having on the planet and are seeing how the world is coming together to tackle the ever growing global pollution from waste materials.

According to Statista, approximately 10 billion metric tons of plastic materials have been produced worldwide since the 1950s, with just a small amount of this ever being recycled. Often, recyclable business waste, that is disposed of incorrectly, includes high volumes of plastic and cardboard. 

However, with the help of a waste baler your business can dispose of these items sustainably. This avoids the risk of materials piling up in landfills where harmful toxins are emitted into the atmosphere, along with waste seeping into surrounding land.

What Are Waste Balers?

Waste balers are machines which allow you to reduce your waste volumes by compacting materials into neat blocks. The waste compressed can then be easily stored, and kept safely for your waste disposal collection.

There are many different types of balers available, such as vertical, horizontal and twin chamber balers; meaning you can find the right one for your business size and waste types. Most often we see plastic and cardboard balers, which are increasingly popular amongst manufacturing and distribution companies creating large quantities of packaging waste.

Waste balers

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How Do Waste Balers Help You Become Greener 

Increase Recycling Rates

As the materials can be segregated and kept secure, recyclers can easily deal with the materials and ensure they are reintroduced back into the market. This means you are able to divert waste from landfill and save raw materials from being overused during production.

When creating baled materials, recycling companies will often provide rebates for bulk loads of waste. This can even open up a new revenue stream for your business, resulting in your recyclable materials being paid for.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Through the baling process you can drastically cut your businesses carbon footprint and equally increase green credentials across your organization. As you are able to reduce the volume of waste you are creating, less collections will be needed resulting in saving pollution from transportation.

Save Space In Waste Bins

Through the use of a waste baler, you will be able to save space in waste bins, thus avoiding the risk of overflowing recyclables into general waste stream containers. When this happens, it often results in waste being disposed of incorrectly where recycling could have occurred. Using a waste baler also limits the risk of waste materials blowing away into surrounding environments.

The Cost Benefits Of Waste Balers

Having a waste baler or compactor at your business can also noticeably reduce your waste costs. This can be seen through limiting the amount of collections needed for disposal, and also cutting out the need for paying high landfill tax.

As balers are quick and easy to use, your team will also be able to reduce labor time spent on waste management. Waste can simply be placed into the machine, which does the work for you, enabling you to increase efficiency and get on with the areas that matter most to your business.

Boost Your Businesses Sustainability With Waste Balers

While there are many different areas your business can focus on to increase sustainability, waste management is one of the key focuses any size business can start changing. Taking advantage of a baler’s benefits will not only help you to maximize value, but also create a more environmentally-conscious business for others in your industry to follow.

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