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For a quick refresher on how to become a little more biofriendly, have a quick flick through TreeHugger’s web page on How To Go Green.  The site gives some helpful hints on how to green up your life, from the obvious area of transport, energy and carbon offsets, to babies, weddings and wardrobes.


One of the links I thought was interesting was How to Green Your Baby.   Some of the tips may be a little over the top for some people, but there is a gradient that will suit your style.  I did like the gDiapers though – simple and yet very effective in reducing the impact made on the mother earth.  The gDiaper can apparently be flushed down the toilet, however, if that makes you nervous and in fear of having to reach for the plunger, they can be composted.  According to the site, it takes around 500 years for the conventional plastic disposable nappy to decompose – that’s a lot of years.  The gDiaper takes between 50 to 150 days to be re-absorbed in the earth.  That’s a biofriendly statistic.

Anyway, if this is outside your interest, there are many other topics to choose from.  So, if there is room in your life to up the green stakes, here are a heap of suggestions to make it a little easier.   

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  • Mike

    Some of the things my baby makes it would better to have it gone in 150 days!

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