Be More Biofriendly: Eat Chocolate

Now this is the kind of environmental story I like to hear. According to a Reuters article, a new process has been developed that turns chocolate-making waste into a biofuel.

On November 26, a truck using the biofuel will set out on a charity mission, from Poole on the English south coast to Mali in West Africa. The 4,500-mile journey is expected to take around 3 weeks.

English company Ecotech, has used the waste produced from the chocolate manufacturing process and turned it into bio-ethanol, which, when mixed with vegetable oil produces bio-diesel.

“This is to show that you can have environmentally friendly bio-fuels and that you don’t have to convert normal diesel engines to use it,” said Andy Pag who will be one of the drivers for the charity mission.

So it turns out chocolate isn’t such a wicked vice after all. I mean, how wicked can it really be when all you want to do is help save the planet! OK, that might be a wee bit over the top, but certainly that moment on the lips won’t carry with it such tremendous guilt. Of course, that moment on the lips, unfortunately, is a lifetime on the hips as the saying goes. But not to worry, ditch the car where you can and walk it off – that makes it a double dose of goodness for the environment.

What a wonderful reason to enjoy the creamy goodness of melt-in-your-mouth chocolate!

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  • Katie

    Sounds good! Next time I enjoy a delicious candy bar I will be proud in knowing it is for the betterment of the planet. 😉

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