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How to Exercise More Sustainably at Home

Exercise more sustainably at home

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While the pandemic and the 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26) have stolen many headlines in recent months, there is still an onus on all of us to collectively work towards combating the major threat of climate change.

Not only are polar bears in danger of becoming extinct by 2100, but atmospheric carbon dioxide is at its highest level for 800,000 years and sea levels are continually on the rise. In other words, without intervention, the world as we know it might well worsen and do so before our very eyes.

As such, it is imperative for us all to make a joint effort to live more sustainably – and that includes when we exercise.

From investing in an eco-friendly, natural swimming pool to simply getting more active in your garden, there are a number of effective ways to exercise more sustainably while at home, which we are here to discuss in greater detail.

Swim in a Natural Environment

If you love wild swimming, why not bring the feel of bathing in a natural pond to your own backyard? By investing in a natural swimming pool, you can do exactly that, allowing nature to relax and replenish you as you swim against a constant current.

Built around a specialist reed bed technology, these swimming pools utilize nature to help maintain a pleasurable environment to swim in. You will still get all the added bonuses of owning a luxury swimming pool, but without the drawback of high energy expenditure.

This, in turn, will help keep your home’s carbon footprint down while also providing you with an eco-friendly swimming pool to freely exercise in – especially if you install an Endless Pool system at the same time.

Use Renewable Energy

With the emergence of Peloton and many other forms of exercise equipment since the coronavirus pandemic, it is now more imperative than ever to utilize renewable energy when using electrical machinery at home.

Even when watching yoga videos on your TV and electronic devices, or playing fitness games on the Nintendo Switch, powering your home with renewable energy is important. It is also a highly effective way to reduce your carbon footprint while exercising at the same time.

Purchase Eco-Friendly Accessories

From the water bottle you use to the yoga mat you perform stretches on, in today’s day and age, there are a number of eco-friendly accessories available to consider purchasing instead of the standard plastic options.

Produced using a range of natural renewable materials like bamboo and recycled plastics, choosing to purchase eco-friendly accessories like these will help significantly reduce the amount of plastic winding up in landfills – one of the biggest contributing factors towards global warming.

Opt for Preloved Equipment

While on the topic of eco-friendly equipment, rather than buying the new treadmill, exercise bike or rowing machine you’ve been eyeing for a while, why not consider purchasing a range of second-hand gym equipment instead?

This way, you will not only save yourself a ton of money, but you will also be actively recycling, again, reducing the amount of unwanted gym equipment that typically ends up being dumped into landfill sites.

Think About your Food Waste

Food waste is a huge issue right across the globe. So, rather than relying on your local supermarket to source your own food and ensure you maintain a good diet, why not consider installing a compost heap and crop garden in your yard instead?

By growing your own food and vegetables, this will help significantly reduce your carbon footprint while also providing you with heaps of fresh vegetables to enjoy and maintain a healthy diet.

Similarly, adding a compost heap to your home will allow you to recycle any food you don’t eat, utilizing your home’s own waste in a more sustainable manner and even allowing you to grow crops a lot more quickly.

To Summarize…

Implementing sustainability in your at-home workout routine may sound difficult in principle but, in reality, it can be incredibly straightforward. After all, even the smallest change can make the biggest difference.

So, whether you decide to go all out and invest in an on-trend natural swimming pool, purchase more preloved gym equipment or simply plant a few more of your own crops, the more you can do to exercise in a more sustainable way, the better the overall climate will fare as a result.


  • DSP

    I like the idea of a natural swimming pool – sounds interesting. Swimming is a great option as it’s incredibly beneficial for both physical and mental health as, first of all, it helps to keep the muscles in good shape (oh yes, it affects ALL the muscles of your body). Secondly, it relieves stress and helps relax.

  • Dr. Yarish

    Thank you for sharing!

  • Regina Johnson

    I love the idea of purchasing second-hand gym equipment. Affordable price makes the exercises more accessible to everyone.

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