Holiday giving the biofriendly way

give the biofriendly way 

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If you have kids, like me, you probably have made a list with them of all the things they want for the holidays.  But have you made a list of all the things they can give?  That’s what our family is doing this year.  Since we don’t have a lot of money to donate, we are looking at what items we have around the house that we could donate to others.  We want our kids to understand the joy you can get from giving to someone else and donating is a great and biofriendly way to give.

Just think of how many “unused” items people throw away every day, especially during holidays in preparation for new toys, gadgets, clothes, etc.  If most of those items were recycled or donated, there would be a lot less trash and pollution, not to mention how happy the people receiving them would be.

Treehugger had a great post a few weeks ago about the “Holiday Gift Guide: For the Philanthropist“.  It had a number of wonderful ideas on ways to give/donate during the holidays.  Most of them were biofriendly “gifts” that wouldn’t clutter up closets or be placed in the back of someone’s garage, but gifts that would help people, animals or the environment.

Now, I know you probably have things you no longer need or use…even though you try to tell yourself you will use them soon (trust me, I’ve done it)…take a look and see if someone else could actually get more use out of them, then donate.  It’ll make your holiday better, someone else’s holiday better and be better for the environment.  So this holiday season, take a look at how you can give in a more biofriendly way.

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