Government Report on Global Warming and Oil Production

A study has been conducted by climate change researchers, which examines the anticipated effect that global warming will have on the U.S. energy supply.   The study concludes that weather changes caused as a result of global warming could seriously disrupt the extraction, refining and transportation of oil in the U.S.

A summary of the report is outlined in this NaturalNews article.  Basically, with the earth’s temperature rising, snowcaps are melting and sea levels are rising, which could destroy the oil and gas infrastructure along our coastlines – possibly leading to equipment damage, flooding or erosion.  Also noted in the report is the effect that storms driven by global warming will damage the oil industry’s infrastructure.

“Increases in storm intensity could threaten further energy supply disruptions of the sorts experienced in 2005,” says the report (e.g. Hurricanes Katrina and Rita). 

Personally, I would be content to go back to the horse and cart days and stay warm by campfire, but I would never admit that publicly from fear of ridicule.  However, if the report holds accurate, it seems we are chasing our tails in a sort of catch-22 scenario. Because of course, if the above scenarios eventuate, we will consume more energy to fix the damage attributed to consuming all the energy in the first place.  A bag of feed and a saddle sounds much more simple no?  As my luxury item I nominate firelighters though – no point going to extremes.

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