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Here’s something nice and light from TreeHugger to start the week off…

The Mary Collins Charter School at Cherry Valley Elementary in Petaluma, California have implemented an environmental education program, which has earned them the title of Go Green Initiative’s school of the week.

The school has created a garden that is large enough to feed the student body for two lunches per week, and herbs and berries that are used at school functions.  In addition to the garden, the school uses compostable trays and cups and washable napkins, while using only washable cups and plates for school events.  Also, the schools’ trash is separated into five different bins.

I liked the article because it teaches kids that food doesn’t just come from a refrigerator, and that the things we throw out don’t just magically disappear.  While sometimes I think we go a little overboard with the environmental movement, I do believe that if the younger generation is brought up and educated to care for the environment, they could be the ones that come up with some amazing technology that will see us into a much greener and cleaner environment.

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