Global Warming Could Make Things a Lot Cooler

So I was looking through some old articles and things, searching for inspiration for my first, non-introductory biofriendly blog, and I came across some interesting stuff related to an Ice Age caused by carbon dioxide emissions and global warming. Most if not all of you have heard of the movie The Day After Tomorrow where Dennis Quaid runs around in the snow looking for his son as the whole world freezes. Well it turns out that there is some scientific evidence that shows that something like this could very well happen. Not in classic Hollywood style where everything freezes in two days, but in fifty to a hundred years or so. Some National Geographic articles I found on the topic are below if you want to know more.


What I found interesting about this was that the increased heat that is finding itself trapped in our atmosphere may not bury us in water as we thought, but ice. Now at this point neither of these theories visibly affects people in their day-to-day lives so they are tough to notice, but it is important to start looking at what might happen, as land could become a limited commodity if something doesn’t change soon. Carbon dioxide is found to be the leading cause of global warming and there are many ways to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in our environment.

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