Father’s Day Gifts for Fun and Environmentally-Friendly Dads

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Father’s Day is coming up this Sunday. Hopefully you’re prepared and have something great planned for Dad. If not, I wanted to share a few Father’s Day ideas for the fun and environmentally-friendly Dad!

Now, many of the ideas I mentioned for Mother’s Day could work for Father’s Day too. But rather than just leaving it at that, let me give you a few ideas that are tailored to those extra special dads who help turn life into an adventure.

Digital scrapbook1. Memory in pictures: Most people probably have some pretty good memories of times spent with their dad. One way to preserve those memories is to put them in a scrapbook or on a DVD.

That way you can share those special memories with your dad and let him know what events/activities/moments really meant something to you.

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2. Completing projects for/with dad: If your dad is one of the many dads who always seem to have one or two or more projects going, maybe Father’s Day is a good time to help him finish one of those projects.

It’s up to you and your dad of course, as some dads just like to relax and take it easy. If that’s the case, maybe there are projects YOU can do for your dad. Is there stuff around the house he hasn’t been able to complete? Is there something he needs to do, but hasn’t had the time to do it?

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Well, I guess you could consider it similar to the “coupons” kids sometimes give their parents…you could give your dad a few “I’ll take care of it” coupons. That way dad can relax on Father’s Day and you can help him get some work done at the same time.

Doesn’t cost you a fortune yet it still shows your dad that you care. (And save even more by printing on recycled paper or recycling materials to hand-make your coupons.)

3. Spend some one-on-one time with dad: It’s kind of like Derek, aka Natural Papa, says in his post about getting some one on one time with your kids. He recommends asking them for a date now and again so you can spend some personal time with each of them. Well, isn’t Father’s Day the perfect day to ask your dad out for a date?

Find out what he would like to do. Then spend the day with your dad. You can go for a walk, take a bike ride together, go hiking, play ball in the park, go swimming, surfing or sailing. Whatever it is that you and your dad would like to do, just get outside and spend some time together. It’s a great chance to catch up too.

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4. Sporting event: If your dad is a big sports fan, consider taking in a sporting event. Sporting events are some of the most popular Father’s Day activities. But rather than having to deal with traffic and other Father’s Day attendees that are also going to an event with their dads, set up a special sporting event for dad at home.

Make his favorite food or even try out a new recipe. Maybe get him some organic wine or beer. Then set up a “sports day” just for you and dad. What could be better for the sports-loving dad?!

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5. Vintage gifts: You may feel that you need to buy your dad something new. Well, before you do that, try looking for something vintage instead. Rather than buying a new tool from your local hardware store or a shirt/tie from a brand name department store, try going a little more classic.

Check out local second-hand stores or consignment stores. You and your dad may be pleasantly surprised with what you find. Here are a few vintage gift ideas from The Art of Manliness.

LoveEarthAlways also has a few green gift ideas that your dad may like. (Their stainless steel water bottle, for example, is great for taking on hikes or even just to the park…trust me I know.)

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But when it all comes down to it, please remember that Father’s Day doesn’t need to be all about consumerism. It’s a day to let your dad know how much you truly appreciate him and love him. So when it comes to deciding on the perfect Father’s Day gift for that fun and environmentally-friendly dad of yours, please keep that in mind. What great ideas do you have for your dad this Father’s Day?

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