Golf and the Environment Part 2

Welcome back! *golf clap, golf clap* Last week we ended the show on a cliffhanger, so for Part 2 we dig in a little deeper and discuss the importance of the sport to communities, the innovative designs that incorporate the natural environment, and finally what efforts can be done to improve the sustainability of golf while still finding our joy in everyday life!

Golf and the Environment Part 1

Gas stoves recently became a trending topic as click-bait articles claimed they were being banned forever! This week on The Biofriendly Podcast we set the record straight and fire up a conversation about cooking indoors, what it all means for our indoor air pollution, and Noel gets passionate about Grease the movie musical.

Are the Tokyo Olympics Sustainable Enough?

The 2020 Olympics are about to start (in 2021 nonetheless) and the city of Tokyo has been hard at work to make sure these games are as green as they can be! This week Noel and Jacob talk about the positive eco-friendly improvements, what the naysayers have to say, and why the biathlon might be training future spies.

The Biofriendly Podcast - Episode 22 - Green Leagues

Green Leagues

As people around the world watched the recent World Cup, Jacob brings up one of Noel’s favorite subjects… Association football! (or as us Yanks call it, soccer!) As the planet heats up due to climate change, the guys discuss the many ways to stay cool from sustainable football clubs to bad CSI: Miami impressions.

Father’s Day Gifts for Fun and Environmentally-Friendly Dads

Image by bryce_edwards Father’s Day is coming up this Sunday. Hopefully you’re prepared and have something great planned for Dad. If not, I wanted to share a few Father’s Day ideas for the fun and environmentally-friendly Dad! Now, many of the ideas I mentioned for Mother’s Day could work for Father’s Day too. But rather […]