EPA’s Clean Diesel Project giving away $300 million

Clean Diesel 

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I was doing some research on the EPA website as I wanted to get more information on the new CA laws just put into place to lower CO2 emissions.  But before I could even get that far a podcast with the title “Green Scene: Funding Available for Clean Diesel Projects” caught my eye.  Of course I had to stop and check it out…I started reading and had to do a complete double-take….did they just say the EPA is giving away $300 million?

That’s right!  As part of the EPA’s National Clean Diesel Campaign, the EPA is going to “give away $300 million under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to help communities across the country start clean diesel projects.”

My first question, of course, was who would be able to get some of this money and how?  So I figured I’d listen further….apparently the funds will be distributed in two separate programs.  One is through a national competitive program and the other is a state allocation program.

The national program consists of three components:

  • a National Clean Diesel Funding Assistance Program to fund projects that concentrate on traditional clean diesel and to fund associations like port authorities, school districts, non-profit organizations, state/local governments, etc.,
  • a Clean Diesel Emerging Technologies Program to help develop and commercialize the next generation of clean diesel technologies,
  • a SmartWay Clean Diesel Finance Program to help establish innovative clean diesel finance programs.  This SmartWay Program has an objective of reducing emissions and improving fuel economy.  Basically if it saves money on fuel AND reduces pollutants and greenhouse gases then it’s “a win-win”.  The SmartWay Program is the one the EPA believes will be able to help out small and medium-sized businesses who want to do something to lower their carbon/environmental footprint but just need financial assistance to do so.

Even though they are giving away $300 million, the deadlines for applications are coming up quickly (and some are already past).  So here’s a link to check out the different programs and access applications if you want to get some of these funds.  Act quick so you don’t miss out! 

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  • Glenn

    Good idea, I think. Burning any hydrocarbons still produce CO2 and H2o, which are GH gases. And biodiesel production can take affordable food away from people…

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