Earth Hour

Earth Hour 2018: Taking One Hour to Connect to Earth

Earth Hour

One of the wonderful things about Earth Hour is no matter where you are on this planet, nor what you are doing, you can stop and take an hour out of your day to connect to Earth. While each Earth Hour, since the movement began back in 2007, has a slightly different theme and resultant hashtag, each is intended to united the planet in a common purpose and goal. This year, the goal is to spark global awareness, encourage new conversations about nature and to celebrate the diversity of life here on Earth.

It’s a simple goal, but it’s one people can easily rally behind. So, on Saturday, March 24th at 8:30pm your time, switch off your lights and join the millions of people around the world doing the same.

If you want to celebrate Earth Hour with a large group of people, you can check out WWF’s official Earth Hour events┬áto find an event near you.

You can also have a more subdued celebration by making a candlelight dinner for you and your loved ones, inviting friends over for a backyard bbq lit by tiki torches or other non-electric lighting, playing board games near a warm fire, going out for an evening walk, spending a little time looking up at the stars or just being outdoors. While you’re doing these activities, talk about actions we can take for nature and our planet.

We hope you’ll join the countless individuals, groups, companies, cities, governments, states, countries, territories and continents this Earth Hour to connect to Earth!

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